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Separating fact from fiction in Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location


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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is the newest instalment of the FNAF series.

As always, a new game comes with more clues about the game’s storyline and more mysteries to solve. Fans of the game are coming up with more and more theories and ideas surrounding the new game.

Now that the game has been released we can examine some of the most popular fan theories surrounding FNAF: Sister Location and discover which are confirmed, which have been solved and which ones are still left open.

The first trailer for Sister Location caused huge hype with fans of the game. The style of the trailer differs from previous trailers with its new and improved graphics (also appearing in the game), new animatronics and most frighteningly the voice of an animatronic. Never before have we heard the voice of one of these terrifying creations until now. The intensity of the trailer truly lived up to its name in the game.



Fan theory: Fans claimed that the shiny and modern look of the environment in trailer as well as the seemingly futuristic design of the trailer meant that the game (Sister Location) took place a long time after the original franchise.

Fans hoped that the new game would unlock more mysteries that had been left unsolved in past games and give the fan base more parts in the plot. Some even theorised about the possible involvement of Fitzgerald, Purple guy or phone guy in the new game. Hundreds of theories arose surrounding this new game and its mysteries. No one could wait to find out what unfortunate events had taken place in Sister Location.

Fact: After many hours of playing the game, theorists and gamers have debunked this theory. The game, Sister Location takes place in 1983. This was decided after players noticed the huge role that ‘the bite of 83’ incident plays in the game. It was found that the new animatronic ‘Baby’ was responsible for this incident. By playing (and beating) the hidden minigame that appears once the protagonist has been killed, we can see a brief cut scene where a little girl is sucked into the body of an animatronic serving ice cream.



Fan Theory: Balloon Boy was the first time that FNAF fans heard an animatronic talk. It proved to be one of the scariest and more effective moments in the games as it changed the way we saw these terrifying machines. FNAF has not had any of its characters speak (properly) until the release of its newest game and trailer, Sister Location, where the audience can hear Baby talk. As well as hearing the voice of an animatronic we can also see that both Freddy and Foxy had speakers on their chests. Fan’s theorised that the animatronics could talk to you whilst they stalked you throughout the game. A terrifying prospect for any player.

Fact: The game includes eight new and terrifying animatronics. As a player, you hear almost all of them speak. Fans of the game already knew that the animatronic ‘Baby’ could talk due to the trailer of ‘FNAF World’. A Clip was leaked before the game’s release which had fans going wild, as it contained a sound bite of the haunting voice of Ballora. Throughout the game players can hear the voices of Bidybab, Freddy, the Bonnie hand puppet and of course the chilling voice of Baby.



Fan Theory: From the trailer, the area that the games take place in looks shiny, modern and new. Almost factory like. One theory floating among fans was that the game took place in a ‘Freddy Fazbear’s’ corporate facility. This came about due to the industrial and sterile look of the game’s area. Theorists pointed towards a test or development centre for new animatronics. The control panel that we were introduced to looked more complicated and developed than the other FNAF games, leading to this theory.

The game seems to take place deep below ground where the animatronics ‘practice’ on simply designed stages. It is very unlikely for a child to have a party (quote) “Deep below ground where memories sleep, anger is restless and secrets don’t keep”. Who has a children’s party deep below ground in an industrial looking environment?

Fact: It is now theorised and agreed with most fans that FNAF Sister Location takes place in a distribution centre, away from public. The game’s introduction in the elevator tells the player that they are an employee and technician. This differs from the other games automatically as you are no longer a security guard but a technician which automatically suggests getting to close for comfort with the deadly machines. Although we can gather that we play in a distribution centre (as this theory has the most proof and best reasoning) we cannot say for sure as it is never disclosed in the game.



Fan Theory: It was said that a total of seven characters would be in Sister Location. The trailer revealed glimpses of the new and shiny ‘Funtime’ versions of Freddy Fazbear and Foxy. Fans are also treated to their first glance of animatronic Baby, who was first introduced as a pair of glowing eyes in FNAF World. The final animatronic is the humanoid ballerina Ballora.

Fans, at this point, did not know who the other characters were but speculated that the hand puppet on Freddy’s hand could be Bonnie the rabbit and appear as a character. A very brief glimpse of a control room includes two puppets who could be other versions of animatronics. No one knew who would appear in the game as a character, which caused this theory to come about as fans theorised that this would be the completed cast for the game.

Fact: Three characters did not appear the trailer: Ennard, Minireena and Bidybab. Baby and Ballora appear as the main antagonists in Sister Location with Mnireena and Bidybab as their counterparts. The Minireena robots appear as twirling and dancing miniature robots alongside Ballora and Bidybab robots appear as small robots which resemble the animatronic Baby. Ennard appears as the final ‘villain’ or ‘bad guy’ in the game.


With Sister Location finally released, one fan theory has definitely stayed accurate as the game takes its place with the most terrifying horror games of 2016. The release of the game will cause the FNAF community to once again ponder the hidden Easter eggs and meanings of the Five Nights At Freddy’s game world.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is out now.

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