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BYOC (your own computer) tournaments at the Insomnia gaming festival

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The Insomnia Gaming Festival will be back in Birmingham this year for its 59th edition. The hype is high, as it will feature several events and different forms of entertainment for everyone.

But above all Insomnia is going to be a gaming festival, and as such it will bring together thousands of players ready to compete for an overall prize of £12,500. On which games and how is such prize going to be awarded?

Insomnia59 will present two headline BYOC (bring your own computer) tournaments: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone. Both games’ popularity in the UK has grown exponentially in the last few months, with the second season of UK Masters sponsoring a first-prize of £20,000 for Counter Strike and £7.500 for Hearthstone.  The two tournaments at Insomnia will feature a fixed prize pool and a guaranteed stage final.

As for all the other prize tournaments at the event, the winners will be awarded according to a scaling prize pool. In other words, there will be a fixed starting prize for each game that might increase according to the number of sign-ups.

In these tournaments, some games will have stage finals – although not guaranteed - according to the amount of time available. The guys at Insomnia have promised that the amount of time and prize dedicated to each game will vary according to games' popularity and tournament number of signups.

At the top of this category, we can find a balanced mixed of old school and brand new.  Battlefield 1 will take you at the front-lines of World War I, while with Overwatch you will be fighting with your team using futuristic weapons in this rising star of FPS games. And in Rocket League, for a change, you will be playing football using rocket-propelled cars (which should be all you need to know) in one of the most popular games of recent years.

But it is not all about money at Insomnia59. The festival will also feature awards-free tournaments, just to enjoy some friendly competition. The games that have already be announced to be part of this category will be Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II and a pearl of old-school FPS Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In addition, some more games are going to join the list shortly (you can find a daily updated page link at the end of the article).

Last year’s Insomnia festival had a turnout of more than 66,000 gaming enthusiasts. There is no reason to believe this year’s number is going to be inferior. With less than 40 days remaining until the event, players are getting ready to participate and to witness what this Insomnia59 will bring. With a massive gaming space, exciting tournaments and substantial prizes, the stakes will be high in Birmingham. Do you think you can win the fight?

You can find the full list of tournaments and games and sign up at the Insomnia Official Page here.

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