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Fringe review: THE FUN CLUB PRESENTS… @ ZOO Southside Studio

30th August 2018

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'THE FUN CLUB PRESENTS…' is a young, ambitious and innovative performance by three Advanced Theatre Practice MA [MAATP] graduates trying to do something original. And, like they say about peanut butter sandwiches, that’s the real deal. 

Image courtesy of The Fun Club / Credit: A. Kusch

The performance starts with the three performers seating amongst the audience, in the intimate ZOO Southside black box studio. It does not take long before the cast - who also created, directed and produced the show - starts deconstructing theatre. 

“This is not original”, they say. 

But by taking the audience members through what this show is not, it gives an insight into what it’s like to start a career as a performer. With so many things done before, why would you even bother as what you’ll be doing is probably not “original”. Is there room for new artists?

This question then leads to another one: how do you connect with your audience, how do you make them feel?

With these concepts to explore, the actors put themselves out there and challenge theatre, how to connect with an audience, their own failures and fears through stories. These stories shared throughout - autobiographical or not - are the heart or the show. They are credible, relatable and that’s where the cast demonstrates their true talent. 

Part script, part improvisation, THE FUN CLUB PRESENTS… never has a dull moment. It may be a bit slow to start but once they move onto the stage, it becomes funny, engaging and fascinating. The questions they raise are essential and they manage to surprise the audience and make them feel like they “know them”. 

The first Fringe production makes full use of the space, from chairs to the light & sound technician to the noise of the performance above - still wondering how they did not break through the ceiling… 

Sara Page, Franny Anne Rafferty and Alistair McPhail are a breath of fresh air. 

THE FUN CLUB PRESENTS… is at ZOO Southside Studio at 8:50 pm nightly until August 27th. For tickets and more information, click here 

Words by Camille Dupont

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