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Fringe Review: Twat Out Of Hell @ The City Cafe


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A twat with a beard who really likes Meatloaf.

In the basement of The City Cafe, in a tiny karaoke booth, lurks this Brian Blessed lookalike who commands the room with his quick witted, crude comedy and vivacious personality.

Dressed in a Meatloaf inspired outfit, a white satin shirt with heavy frilling, Gary G Knightley beckons the awaiting audience into the room like he’s welcoming old friends. What soon becomes clear within the first few minutes is this show isn’t for the faint hearted, or easily offended, as Gary drops ‘cunts’ left right and centre.

One man, who was clearly not impressed, actually walked out mid-show, but it's Gary's loud mouthed, uncensored and slightly dark humour that sets him apart.

Switching from fast, snappy jokes that rely on audience participation, to talking about how everybody's TV heroes have turned out to be pedophiles, Gary G Knightley is electric.

Bringing the show to an end by 'solving' the worlds biggest problems, with his unique and hilarious suggestions, and then bowing out to a rendition of Bat Out of Hell, with the word Bat swapped for Twat, Gary's set is outstanding from start to finish.

Twat Out Of Hell is a filthy hidden gem and why the chuff it’s free I just don’t know.

The intimate setting is perfect for making the whole audience feel a part of his set, but he could easily fill a venue far bigger in 2019, and I really hope he does.

Gary G Knightley’s show is well worth experiencing and is certainly not one to be missed.

Gary G Knightly performs Twat out of Hell at Laughing Horse @ City Café at 11.35am until August 26th (not 21st). For more tickets and information click here.

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