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Fringe Review: NewsRevue @ Underbelly


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NewsRevue is widely cited as one of the most well-established acts at the Fringe. Now in its 39th year, the show has a well-deserved reputation for hilarity, high performance value and acerbic political commentary of everyone in the public eye, no matter what their role.

With a new cast and new content, this year’s show had the challenge of commenting on a year of news that while often horrific, has largely centred on the same subject matter as last year – from Brexit to Trump to Vladimir Putin. As to be expected, most of the sketches re-cover this ground, and do it well.

The ruthless impersonations of well-known figures are fantastic, from Boris Johnson to Angela Merkel to of course, an excellent Donald Trump. The choreography and musical numbers are also very well-polished. The cast and creative team behind NewsRevue are well-practised professionals, which shows in the seamless transitions between sketches and characters.

While many sketches are funny, there are fewer laugh-out-loud moments than there have been in previous years, and a couple of the sketches are drawn out a bit too long. That said, there are a few stand-out hilarious sketches that have the audience gasping for breath because of their unexpected yet extremely relatable subject matter. Surprisingly, biggest laughs come from sketches based on topics completely removed from politics.

While this year’s show might not be as original and inventive as it could be, the performers nonetheless showcase incredible talent. The show is joyous, energetic and ruthlessly funny, and will be a hit with any audience member regardless of political affiliation.

NewsRevue is at Underbelly George Square until August 27 (not 15th). For tickets and more information, click here.

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