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Fringe Review: Jim Campbell - Trampoline @ The Mash House


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Jim Campbell has not had the best year, but he’s certainly got some great material out of it.

Dealing with any break up is difficult, but being able to discuss the aftermath of a failed engagement to a room full of random people in the back room of a pub every day for an entire month takes courage.

From the outset, Campbell is engaging and open, brandishing an engagement ring and offering it out to the highest bidder.

As one quarter of The Football Ramble, the popular sporting podcast, the room is full of people already acquainted with Campbell’s brand of humour and this is acknowledged by the comic as he lets the rest of the crowd in on #bingate. His humble approach makes the crowd warm easily to him, smoothing the delivery and making the few moments that don’t quite land less consequential to his routine.

Campbell projects his cynicism into an hour of tightly worked gags, his honesty welcomed by the receptive audience who take all cues to join in with the comics musings on “sex people” and on the darker aspects of having a nervous breakdown.

His on-stage persona reads confidence, yet Campbell does not run from his struggles and speaks candidly of his mental health, his anxieties interwoven carefully with his punchlines.

Flipping the show on its head, the comedian reflects that it wouldn’t have quite been the same routine if it was him who had left his fiancé and in that sense, maybe we’re grateful he has managed to turn tragedy into triumph?

If you find yourself in need of an hour of fast quips and relatable humour to take your mind off your own life for a while, it’s well worth seeing ‘the man who had a nervous breakdown, so we didn’t have to’.


Catch Jim Campbell: Trampoline at 17:05 from 1-27th August (not 13th) at Just the Tonic @ The Mash House. Tickets available here.

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