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Fringe Review: Confessions of the Romantically Challenged @ Greenside at Infirmary Street – Ivy Studio


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A witty, very relatable show, proving that love is never one-sided or straightforward and has many faces, as well as its ups and downs. This play will have you cringe, giggle and relate to the point of tears all in one sitting.

Image courtesy of Lauren Foreman

Each story illustrates people who are, in one way or another, facing a problem in the romance department – and all of us are likely to have, at least once, fit into one or more of the categories.

Viewers get to see the good side, and the bad, of each story. The undying, committed love shared in a marriage that comes face to face with the repetitiveness of daily life and crisis can struggle to uphold its foundations without cracking in between. The single feeling 'forever alone' and cynical about anybody else's love that then becomes overwhelmed with excitement and emotions when it is their turn. Mornings shared over a cup of tea are suddenly spent alone, and the flatmate that was your best friend has not said hello to you in weeks. The new-found adventure on Tinder soon turns into a migraine, causing nightmares while being juggled with another relationship.

All these storylines were outstandingly portrayed by the actors of 3BUGS Fringe Theatre. The actors were not just acting but reacting, including the audience in the play. There was laughing, screaming and silent moments of shock - all the emotions many of us know from watching a rom-com.

Confessions of the romantically challenged is an excellent rendition of modern love and that these days things are hardly ever uncomplicated. It is the perfect balance of empathy-inducing, heart-warming scenes mixed with witty remarks and engaging, convincing acting, and is a show not to be missed.

Confessions of the Romantically Challenged was staged by the University of Birmingham's 3BUGS Fringe Theatre company until August 24th, and more information can be found on their Twitter account here.

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