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Fringe Review: The Brunch Club @ The Pleasance - Levels Pop Up


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We all remember the cliques of high school: the so-called 'populars', the goths, the geeks and the rebels. The Brunch Club manages to explore these social constructs and change perspectives in this fantastic new show.

Image credit: Robin Mitchell

The location is perfect for such a show: a modern cafe with a seating arrangement I hadn't come across before in a theatrical setting. Seats are dotted about all over the cafe with the stage taking place in the centre of the floor, and the audience surrounding the entire stage at all angles. The performers are almost part of the audience, sitting in amongst the crowd and using the space to its full capacity. 

The Brunch Club manages to take us back to the invention of the 'teenager' and the 'clique', which originated in the 1940s. A segment in the show takes us through all the decades up to the present day, exploring music, culture and the cliques of the time. 

In one short hour, our eight young performers form alliances with one another, fall in and out of love and learn from each other what each clique is about and represents. They come together to tear down social expectations and form unlikely friendships. 

This show is relevant to all - societal expectations affect everyone, even if they don't know it. 

A big part of the production was also the music, a variety from all decades past mixed with the music of today. It really adds a great atmosphere to the production. 

By far my favourite show I have seen at the Fringe festival this year, I recommend everyone to go see it and understand the relevance it has in our world today. The Brunch Club pays homage to the iconic John Hughes film that gave it its name, and sends out the message that it's okay to be whoever you want to be, that nobody can stop you, and that nothing can stand in your way.

The Brunch Club is running until the 24th August at Pleasance Pop-Up: Levels (Venue 175), and tickets can be purchased here

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