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17 Tips For Surviving Freshers' Week

29th September 2015

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Freshers’ week: seven days that are designed to kick off your time at university with an (extremely sociable) bang.

Whilst there’s no doubt that freshers’ week is an exciting time, there might still be a few worries that you’re contending with amongst the haze of new faces, unfamiliar drinking games and introductory accommodation talks.

As part of our Freshers 101 series, we’ve rounded up a few bits of advice from those who’ve experienced the week and come out of it unscathed.

From sickness to socialising to stress, here’s what they had to say...

Megan Downing, The National Student Music Editor & Intern at MTV:

“If you see someone on their own in freshers, go and chat to them! They're probably just as nervous and scared as you are. Most of my best uni mates came from random conversations whilst waiting for an induction lecture.”

Abbie, social sciences student and blogger at Yet Another Student Blog:

“Lesson 1 - don't stress out, everything will be done! Lesson 2 - other people really don't know what they are doing! Lesson 3 - get your parents to get you the essentials as well as a few meals.”, via

“Although it’s going to be a crazy week, trust me when I say it is not to be all and end all of uni nights out. In fact, you will definitely have better nights out later in the year when you have established a good group of friends and know where the best places are to go.”

@eleanorria, via twitter:

“Don't overdo it in freshers. If you're not feeling well listen to your body; getting sick is just going to ruin it. You've got the entire year to party and you don't wanna miss your first lectures because you're poorly in bed.”

@_oliviajadexo, Blogger @ Dungarees and Degrees

“Plan in advance - there are so many different events going on during freshers’ week that it's impossible to attend them all; talk to people and find out which ones are good to go to and also which you want to go to as there are many different things taking place e.g. fancy dress and paint parties.”

“Sleep - this sounds like an obvious one, but if you're up all night you probably need to sleep for a lot of the day, which during freshers is totally normal and okay to do (as long as you attend your welcome week lectures.)”

Lizi Legge, lifestyle blogger:

“Check out which fancy dress themes are coming up for freshers - buying them in advance makes it cheaper on delivery.”

Dr Richard Bowskill, Priory Group:

“If you are socially anxious, talk to a close friend or your parents about how to negotiate freshers’ week and prepare to join societies where you have established interests.”

Lizzie Cooper-Smith, The National Student writer:

“Go to at least one society taster session of something you've never done before. Freshers is such a great opportunity to try out loads of new activities, and often for free! If you don't like it, no harm done, but if you do, then you might've just found yourself a new hobby.”

Scarlett Sangster, The National Student writer:

“Keep your door open! There's no such thing as personal space in freshers; welcome everyone in.”

Stephen Divers, Big Choice Group Account Manager:

“If I could tell my 18 year-old-self one thing, it would be to get yourself a cool nickname straightaway... not “Lil’ Steve.”

George Rose, BigChoice Group Account Manager:

“Buy (or get your parents to buy) loads of crates and put signs up in your halls saying “free beer room X” – make friends by plying them with free beer.”

Sarah Macauley, The National Student writer:

“Definitely buy a doorstop before you move in, people popping their heads in as they walk past means it's easy to make friends!”

Nat Wassell, The National Student writer

“Sign up for everything that takes your fancy at the Fresher's Fair and then decide which societies you will keep up with. Don't miss an opportunity just because you didn't sign up for the taster.”

Freddie Stevens, The National Student writer:

“Try and keep an open mind - keep saying 'yes' and if not then 'perhaps.'”

Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO of luxury accommodation provider Collegiate AC:

“Make the very most of the facilities on offer: lounges and common rooms can be the perfect place to meet and relax; explore your hobbies, whether it is cooking up a storm in the kitchen or working up a sweat in the gym; or bond with new friends through a visit to the cinema or exploring the city on your new doorstep. Making sure you put both your physical and mental wellbeing first is key to a great freshers’ week and beyond.”

Michael Brecht, CEO of Doodle:

“Be the fresher that knows what’s going on. Impress your new mates from the first week by knowing the best places to go in your new city. Design My Night is a great way to check out the best upcoming events, from gigs to club nights to art shows. Whether you’re looking for a cheap night out or special date venue to wow a new flame, Design My Night will come up with the goods.”

For more freshers advice – on subjects including health, finance and accommodation – visit our Freshers 101 round-up piece.

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