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12 websites to get you through your first term at university and beyond

10th September 2015
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Money, food, fitness, books, health, knowledge – get yourself ready for the new university term with these very bookmarkable websites. 

Virgin Media

Good old Richard B knows what students need, and that’s to not be paying for 12 months of broadband when they’re only going to be using nine. Choose Virgin Media’s nine-month broadband deal and you won’t end up wasting money over the summer when you’re home and your drafty uni house is a distant memory. For a limited time only they’re also throwing in three months of Hungry House vouchers. It’s almost enough to make you never leave your couch...


Buy your books here second hand (or sometimes even new), get them delivered right to your door before term has even started, and save hundreds of pounds in the process. No brainer.


Because when you’re at university learning is a full time job, and should go on long after your lectures have finished. Use the time it takes you to get into uni in the morning (or afternoon if you’re particularly lazy) to delve into the beginnings of the universe, learn about the mysteries of the dark web or enlighten yourself on the history of autism. You’ll feel cleverer before 9am has even hit.


Lots of freshers will live in halls, but Freecycle is worth bearing in mind if you do end up living out or find yourself needing to get your hands on any furniture later in the year. The terms of the site mean that you’re required to give something away before you swipe a completely free sofa, but hey – sharing is caring.

FPA – Find a Clinic

There are a lot of reasons why you might need to use the services of sexual health charity FPA (formally the Family Planning Association) during your time at university, but with the excesses of the freshers period and the unfamiliarity of a new place we think it’s pertinent to direct you to a certain function of their website. The Find a Clinic page allows you to pin-point a clinic offering emergency contraception, contraceptive advice and/or GUM services within reach of your postcode, offering good peace of mind if you do find yourself in a morning-after situation in an unknown city. 


Rightfully one on every new student’s bookmarks bar, MoneySavingExpert offers thrifty advice on everything from insurance to shopping to your (possibly scarily high) phone bill. Offers on everything from restaurants to new glasses take centre stage here too.

Map My Run

This fitness site helps you plan safe jogging routes, links to the equally useful My Fitness Pal, and is also available as an app – making that vegetating/sofa time afterward your workout even more luxurious. Come on, get your trainers on...

BBC Good Food

It’s given that you’re going to have to feed yourself at least a couple of nights per week before the holidays roll around/your parents appear to take you out for dinner - and there are only so many variations of pasta ‘n parmesan you can knock up in a limited time and even more limited budget. BBC Good Food is going to help you out here, in many, many ways.


Ok, we’re biased because BigChoice is our sister site – but it’s legitimately useful if you’re looking for a part-time job. Later, we’ll help you out with graduate scheme and careers advice too.

Hungry House

A very, very easy way to get your evening takeaway fix - not that we’re condoning eating takeaway every night. Just some nights. Some nights, you just have to eat crispy beef and prawn crackers and indulge your stomach, and I think that’s something that we all agree with.


Basically a high-tech to-do list, Evernote is your key to revision productivity. Allow it to make your life better.


Splittable helps you split bills and track expenses between your housemates, eliminating the need for passive aggressive post-it notes and frosty silences over that errant £5. Household harmony + profitability in one neat package. Also helpfully comes in app form.

Virgin Media's Student 9 Month Broadband offer (which also includes three month's worth of Hungry House vouchers) consists of:

- 9 month contracts so you don't get tied down over summer 

- No phone line needed 

- Superfast fibre optic broadband 

- FREE servicing and repairs

+ the options to add on other great services, including the latest TV

Either call 0800 042 0277 or buy online here get this unbeatable deal.

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