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Packing For Freshers: 9 Essential items you WILL forget to pack


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You’ve had three months off to pack and prepare but that doesn’t mean you’re organised - far from. And, even if you are one of those freakishly-organised list makers who’s spent at least the last couple of weeks stock-checking your boxes, just like going on holiday, there will always be SOMETHING you’ve forgotten!

But don’t panic. After three years of Ikea trips and pressure packed boots I have compiled a definitive list of the most essential things you might not think about but that you absolutely should NOT have to live without.

1. A plug adaptor for your electric toothbrush/razor

It might surprise you but at some point in your uni career you may get up early enough to shave or get home sober enough to remember to clean your teeth! And hey, we all know electrical gadgets make these menial tasks all the less effort right? But, as practical as they may seem, these useful little gadgets require a little power to make your lives that much easier.

2. Toenail clippers!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  Don’t even remember the last time you saw a pair of those right? Well, believe it or not, I can personally guarantee that at some point this term you’ll find yourself spontaneously craving a pair of these beauties when those three months of toenail growth put you up a shoe size!

3. Batteries

You’d be surprised how many things need batteries; how many things that need batteries don’t come with batteries; and how quickly those batteries you keep moving from appliance to appliance seem to run out.

4. Multiple socket extension lead

You can’t charge your phone, have your ipod dock blaring AND type up your lecture notes all at once if you only have one socket. And that’s if you don’t mind working by candle light!

5. Tin opener

I beg of you, buy one of these.  I learnt the hard way why it is not a good idea to open tuna with a knife… however hungry you may be!

6. Oven gloves

Sorry, another boring safety related essential. But you’d be surprised how all six people in your flat will have packed a good half-a-dozen tea towels each, but have overlooked the cloths’ famous failings as a burn-deflector when used in conjunction with hot baking trays.

7. Eye-mask and earplugs

Sleeping during the day is an unavoidable side effect of uni life, especially when you leave all your deadlines to the night before in favour of another night of £1.50 triples at the student bar. Unfortunately there are two very real hazards which could easily obliterate your ability to keep this routine going – daylight and that drummer in the room below you. However ridiculous it may sound, you will thank me. (NB. I accept flowers).

8. Lots of pillows

Don’t just take one - turn your bed into a cozy corner! Sometimes you just need a cushy den to dive into at the end of a long day of lectures, let’s face it, halls mattresses are not known for comfort.

9. An individual cafetiere

Those all-nighters don’t happen by magic - caffeine is the most basic of all university requirements, so whether you are a coffee fan or not prepare to get high. This will be your key to success, so don’t slum it with the instant people!

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