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Ready for post-freshers' life?

7th October 2013

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The hype and excitement of freshers’ week has long gone. The relentless and endless nights of socialising are beginning to feel like a distant memory. And what’s left? The start of three years of daunting study, making lifelong friends, high levels of stress, and a piece of paper at the end of it (your degree). Freshers’ week can be seen as a rite of passage, but how do you handle life after the chaos and tribulations of freshers’?

There’s more to university life than the Student Union bar

The SU at every university is the centre for student nightlife, but there’s a whole socialising world outside the bounds of the SU, that you might not be aware of. Asides from the SU your university is also the home to a dozen societies, sports clubs, and activities. We’re not saying abandon the SU bar, far from it, but maybe once in a while broaden your horizon, explore your campus, and you’ll find that your university is the home to endless opportunities. Just get involved wherever you can. Go wild and embrace something new!

Don’t take everyone at face-value

During freshers’ week you’re guaranteed to meet many new faces, from plenty of different backgrounds, stretching from all over the country (and world). But it’s in the weeks after freshers’ that people’s true characters and personalities will begin to unfold. You might find yourself drawn to a new group of friends. I’m not saying that friends you’ve made during freshers’ by week two will turn into green-monsters or anything, but don’t go into your first real weeks of university with your eyes closed.

Sort out your finances - being a student costs

It’s a myth that students blow their student loan during freshers’- although maybe there might be a little truth behind some of those myths. But soon everything begins to add up: nights-out, books, trips to the coffee shop, library fines and transport costs (to name a few). To save yourself from financial worry, be cautious on what and how much you spend. After all you’re a student living independently now, the luxuries of living at home and not having to worry about the weekly shopping are a thing of the past.  

University life is hard work

Not to sound to obvious but university life is hard work. To get through until your first reading week and beyond, you’re going to need to be self-motivated and organised. It’s a myth that your first year is nothing more than a walk in the park, even if it might not count much towards your final degree. But if you’re serious about your degree, than you need to be serious about how you spend your time. Although, I can’t promise that you won’t have to do an all-night essay writing session, to meet the deadline you forgot about - I’ve heard it’s a student rite of passage that we’ve all experienced at some point.

The weeks after freshers’ might seem daunting, but if you got through freshers’ week my guesses are you’ll be just fine. Is there any post-freshers’ advice you think I’ve missed? 

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