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Are you ready, freshers? A few tips for your first week...


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As freshers weeks have started, preparations for uni life are in full swing. Accommodation is being sorted, boxes are being packed and course books may (or may not) be being purchased.

After these practicalities are sorted new concerns will come to the forefront: Which are the best clubs? Where are the cheapest cocktails?

With so many questions and so much external pressure, basic common sense can go astray and disaster can strike – the lost ID, the broken heel, the forgotten condom. You won’t get into a club without ID, you won’t dance in broken heels – so don’t get jiggy without a johnny.

Luckily, condom connoisseurs Durex have put together a survival guide to ensure that you don’t wake up with more than a creeping hangover post-freshers’ week...

  • Prepare: Check out the students’ union website for the freshers' week schedule to get a heads-up on what themed parties are happening and what costumes you need.
  • Keep ID in a safe place: Buy a card wallet so you can avoid taking out (and losing) all your bank cards, student passes and Nando’s loyalty cards. Ger organised now.  
  • Save a local taxi number in your phone: Being cold and stranded is never the ideal end to a night; making sure you have a taxi number before you head out is just common sense.
  • For the girls: If you insist on wearing heels on a night out, pack a pair of flats and check them into the club cloakroom. Because you don’t want to slit your foot open on broken glass after discarding your heels, really.
  • Carry a condom or two (just in case): You never know where the night will lead and it’s better to be safe than sorry. No one will judge you for being safe.
Follow this advice and make sure your first week in uni goes with a bang. Happy freshers’ week!

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