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Celebrate British sandwich week with a trip back in time


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This week (19th-25th May) is British Sandwich Week. A staple in the British diet, it's no surprise that a whole week has been dedicated to celebrating our favourite snack.

In honour of the sandwich, Branston Pickle has teamed up with Max Halley (aka 'The Sandwich Genius') to create the ultimate sandwich.

Image courtesy of Eulogy

For British Sandwich Week, Max is creating a special edition sandwich. The cleverly monikered 'All the Decade'nce' sandwich stack is a trip down memory lane. Comprised of five layers, the sandwich has been created to pay homage to each of the generations who love Branston Pickle.

So what's actually in it?

Each layer is dedicated to a different generation. First up we have the Baby Boomers. Born between the late 1940s and the early 1960s, the boomers are a classic no-nonsense generation. They're our parents and grandparents, who prefer to eat a no-thrills treat without any faff.

The Baby Boomers 'Baby Bloomer' is comprised of a 'posh' take on the traditional ploughmans. There's ham, cheese, pickled celery, lettuce, pork pie... and of course Branston pickle. To finish off the boomer layer is topped with some ready salted crisps. You don't get much more traditionally British than that.

Next up is Gen X, the era of people born between the 60s and 80s. They grew up in a time where the microwave was booming, so their layer is a cheeky homage to the microwavable foods of yesteryear. Entitled 'The Return of the Mac', the Gen X layer is a celebration of all things retro. A Branston pickle and macaroni cheese patty is teamed with garlic breadcrumbs and lots of salad cream.

Image courtesy of Eulogy

For the millennials, what else but avocado? Named 'All I Avo Wanted', this layer is inspired by the cult millennial favourite of avocado and egg on toast. There's avo and fried eggs... and of course, Branston tomato chutney. A brunch themed layer for all those brunch fiends.

The final generation to have its own sandwich layer is Gen Z. Born between 1996 and 2006 this generation has grown up online. Gen Z is the activist generation, with many of them turning to veganism in order to save the animals. 'I Only Eat Vegan' is made up of tahini yoghurt, pomegranate seed salad, chickpea crisps and a caramelised onion fritter made with Branston, of course.

For the people who might be stuck between generations, on the cusp or just a big fan of sandwiches - there's also the 'sandwiched between generations' layer, consisting of Cheddar cheese, Branston pickle and ready salted crisps - a traditional treat.

Max says: The ‘Decade’nce stack is essentially a beast of a sandwich featuring every generation’s all-time favourite flavours. My mission is to make people think about sandwiches differently. The tang of Branston has stood the test of time and all generations love it. Its unique flavour has helped to beat the beige combinations that are often found in many high street sandwiches. It was a pleasure to create the generational stack. It is strong visual proof of how adventurous we have become over time with flavours.”

The ‘Branston Boss’ which takes the best bits from each layer from the ‘Decade’nce is avaliable to buy exclusively at Max's Sandwich Shop in London - throughout Sandwich Week (19th-25th June)

Lead image courtesy of Eulogy

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