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What will we be drinking this summer?

29th April 2019

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It seems that most things have a trend these days. It’s not just hairstyles or shoes, but also drinks! Yes, even the world of beverages has its own popularity scale, with people seeking to order the new ‘in-drink’.

For 2018, the undisputed major drinks trend came in the form of gin. Just ten years ago, gin was pretty far on the other end of the spectrum of cool. A G&T was a drink reserved for your granny and her friends. Now, we have gin bars, gin menus, and even gin spas. But is the gin trend here to stay? And what are the biggest drink trends set to dominate bars across the UK this summer?

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Image credit: Nina Strehl, via Unsplash

The rise in popularity of dairy-free beverages is hardly surprising due to the five in 100 people in the UK being lactose intolerant and the 3.5 million Brits now following a vegan lifestyle. In fact, the milk alternatives sector is predicted to rise globally by 43% over the next four years.  

Pair this with the surging health consciousness of the UK and the call to ban such dairy-and-sugar concoctions such as freakshakes - cafes will need to go back to the drawing board for their milkshake menus.

Like coffee, milkshakes can easily be made non-dairy with some vegan ice cream and soya, coconut, or oat milk. Just because they're dairy-free doesn't mean that they're any less delicious! 


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Whilst health-conscious consumers are seeking healthier options in their beverages, they also want to know that their drinks are good for planet too. Plastic straws are being swiftly phased out for eco-friendly alternatives, such as paper straws - with fast food giant McDonalds ditching their plastic for paper as of this year

It's not just straws either - plastic bottles are a thing of the past. Metal and reusable alternatives are booming in popularity, and some shops such as Selfridges have actually stopped selling plastic bottles of drink altogether. 

Low and non-alcoholic 

Image credit: Matt Botsford, via Unsplash

Previously a relatively small market, non-alcoholic drinks is growing. According to a report by The Guardian, a quarter of 16-24-year-olds don’t drink at all and 27% claimed to be drinking lower and non-alcoholic drinks nowadays. 

The movement is so predominant that Diageo, a leading UK beverages company, forecasts that low and non-alcoholic drinks will be the number one drinks trend for 2019. 

Exciting cocktails (or mocktails) 

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That’s not to say that less alcohol means less fun. Quite the contrary, as the younger generation is actively looking for more interesting flavours and textures in their drinks. 

Textures are also rising in popularity, and they are a great way to shake things up. Plus, there’s a thirst for colourful nostalgia — it photographs well for social media after all. One of the biggest trends is slushie cocktails. After 2016’s frosé craze, slushie drinks are set to be back this year, and better than ever! 

Will you be trying out one of the new drink trends this summer? Or are you going to stick to the gin?

Lead image credit: Elevate, via Unsplash

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