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Have students had enough of celebrity endorsments?


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Social media is full of endorsements, from z-list celebrities flogging tea that is supposed to make you skinny (spoiler alert: all it does it make you spend all day on the toilet) to influencers promoting paid partnerships with their favourite brands.  


Research by Loot has shown that these influencers might not be as influential as we once thought. Especially in regards to the food and drink industry - it appears that students have had enough of being told what to buy and from where.

Infographic: Ruby Naldrett (all statistics via Loot)

Their research shows that over half of students in the UK actually actively avoid endorsed products, saying that it has no impact on their purchasing habits. Clearly, young consumers have become much savvier when it comes to spending their money. 


With big stars such as Jameela Jamil using their Twitter platforms to call out other celebrities for advertising harmful weight loss products, young people are wising up to the façade of the #ad industry.

A recent example is when Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry posted a advert on Instagram for V24, a brand of ‘weight loss’ gummies. In her caption she stated that in support of the gender pay gap, V24 would now offer women 11.4 % off of their orders. The caption has now been changed, but that wasn’t before Jamil expressed her distaste.

The research has shown that rather than being drawn in by celebrity endorsements, students are more likely to be influenced by cultural trends such as veganism. They're spending their money on vegetables and superfoods, rather than weight-loss products.

Ollie Purdue, CEO of Loot, says: “I often find younger generations are held against unrealistic and outdated perceptions, but this research has highlighted how the younger generation are prioritising health and wellbeing over fickle spending influenced by celebrity endorsed social marketing campaigns.”

Lead image credit: Mediamodifier, via Pixabay

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