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Make way for Generation Baker: Pet birthdays and coming out amongst top excuses to bake


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Research has found that nearly 90% of Brits are baking more than ever before, in order to celebrate occasions like the return of a TV series or a season finale, a pet’s birthday or even getting divorced.

Image credit: Jonathan Cutrer on Flickr 

This research – commissioned by baking spread brand, Stork – reflects the views of over 1,500 Brits nationwide.

It also found that we individually spend a huge 330 hours baking each year and that men tend to spend seven more hours per month on this increasingly popular pastime (32 hours in total) than women, who spend 25 hours in the kitchen baking. Never before have we invested so much time, money and effort into the hobby.

Why are we now baking so much?

36% of this “generation baker” – the nickname that the baking experts at Stork have given this new club of baking aficionados – say that self-teaching aids, particularly online platforms such as YouTube, have encouraged their love of baking.

33% also thanked their favourite baking shows, such as The Great British Bake Off, and 20% said that celebratory cultural occasions gave them an excuse to bake.

According to a list of the top new baking occasions, the return of a TV series or a season finale is the most popular reason to whip out the baking bowls, aside from traditional celebrations such as birthdays or weddings.

In order to celebrate this top new baking occasion, along with the return of the highly anticipated return of Game of Thrones on Sunday 14th April, Stork commissioned food artist, Michelle Wibowo, to create an original, spongey bake inspired by the series.

She constructed three life-size sculptures of Game of Thrones’ characters John Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark which, in total, took 300 hours to bake (using a huge 30kg of Stork Original) and decorate, and were displayed near the Tower Bridge, London, until the day before the final season release.


The cakes were cut and eaten live on This Morning on Monday 15th April.

Interestingly, getting the ‘all clear’ from the doctor, celebrating a pet’s birthday, getting a divorce, "coming out", and having a friendiversary were also top baking occasions.

One user on Instagram posted an impressive treat for their cat’s birthday:

Another made a cake to celebrate her day of divorce:

This is the full list of the Top 15 New Baking Occasions, in order:

  1. Return of TV series and season finale
  2. New job
  3. Promotion at work
  4. Pet's birthday
  5. Engagement
  6. Passing an exam
  7. Passing your driving test
  8. Friendiversary
  9. Getting a new pet
  10. Getting the ‘all clear’ from the doctor
  11. Coming out
  12. Asking someone to be my boyfriend/girlfriend
  13. Winning a sports game
  14. Breaking up with my partner
  15. Getting divorced
Lead image credit: Jonathan Cutrer on Flickr 

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