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Brace yourselves because Marmite Easter eggs are back


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It's something that some people hoped would never happen again, but it has... Marmite Easter eggs are back.

The spread themed Easter egg is currently on sale at Asda for £4 and has been described by some as 'the devil's work.'

The description on the egg packaging jokes that they are 'Yeaster eggs' and 'full of flavour'. It's the 'full of flavour' part that has some of us worried.

The egg, which was first launched back in 2015, combines the saltiness of the Marmite with the sweetness of the chocolate.

No, I'm not impressed either.

Image credit: Marmite

But some people actually like the sound of it.

One Comment on Facebook read: 'I know what I'm getting for Easter.'

Another one read: 'I actually think this would be lush.'

While a third comment read: 'Deffo give it a go.'

The marmite Easter egg is not the only unconventional egg the UK has seen in recent years. Back in 2017, a Pot Noodle flavoured Easter egg was launched. The flavour? Bombay Bad Boy spice mix.

I can't be swayed on that either.

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