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Cadbury's Double Decker ice cream tubs are now a thing


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Asda is selling Cadbury's Double Decker ice cream in tubs, and it sounds amazing.

While winter is not typically the most common month to eat ice cream, that hasn't stopped Cadbury's as they have now created a fresh new Double Decker ice cream tub, with a chewy nougat core, for people to enjoy.

The ice cream, which is available to buy in Co-op and Asda now, also features Cadbury chocolate pieces and nougat flavoured ice cream. Dreamy.

The popular Double Decker bar consists of two layers of crunchy cereal and soft nougat, which is covered in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate.

Image credit: Cadbury

The tubs cost £3 and each 80ml serving contains 135 calories, something to think about before eating it all in one go.

This isn't the first Double Decker ice cream, as Cadbury's released it a little while back but as a bar and not as a tub. Regardless, this is something to be excited about.

As if Cadbury's weren't spoiling us already with this announcement, they have also created creme egg ice cream lollies.

Priced at £1.50 this is more affordable than the Double Decker one and has vanilla flavoured ice cream as well. There are also limited edition creme egg ice cream lollies.

Image credit: Cadbury

The ice cream lolly, which is also priced at £1.50, features a Cadbury milk chocolate coating and a vanilla filling. These are on sale at Co-op.

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