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5 tasty Chinese New Year dishes


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Chinese New Year is upon us and with that comes the need to celebrate - and what better way to celebrate than with food?

Traditional Chinese dishes are undeniably tasty - so here is a list of some popular Chinese dishes to help you celebrate Chinese New Year.

Spring rolls

Image credit: jonathanvalencia5 on Pixabay

A firm favourite. Spring rolls are the ultimate appetiser and side dish. With the choices of vegetarian and meat spring rolls, this popular Chinese cuisine is eaten in Spring Festival in Southern China to celebrate the coming of spring, hence the name spring roll. Spring roll skins are made of flour, water and some salt. The filling depends on your personal taste. Traditionally, the filling is made of pork, Chinese cabbage, shiitake, carrots and seasoning.


Image credit: Pixabay

Another well-known and popular dish: Chinese dumplings. Similar to spring rolls, these are usually eaten with chopsticks and dipped in sauce. They are most significant during Chinese New Year and originate from Northern China. Typically, they include Chinese cabbage, green onion, pork and shrimp.


Image credit: icybutterfly on Pixabay

To start with they were actually called 'soup pancakes', before everyone agreed that the word noodle was much better. Exceptionally long noodles are eaten for Chinese New Year and not always in soup. Noodles go with many dishes and traditional Chinese noodles are made with egg.

Vegetable dishes

Image credit: cegoh on Pixabay

Steamed and fried vegetable dishes are incredibly popular in China and traditionally the New Year provides the perfect opportunity to finish the veg stored from the winter. The spring festival is then used to plant new seeds. Typical Chinese vegetable dishes include seaweed, bamboo shoots, poria mushrooms, leeks, spring onions and lotus seeds.

Steamed fish

Image credit: noktao on Pixabay

Steamed fish is a favourite in China and a must have dish for the New Year celebrations. Half of the fish is usually eaten for dinner while the other half is eaten the next day. It is believed that this is to prolong the surplus and make the future prosperous as well. A whole fish also represents a harmonious and whole family.

Hope you enjoyed Chinese New Year!

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