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How to avoid lethargy during Veganuary

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With the new year well underway and the end of January approaching, we’ve come to the final stretch of Veganuary.

While our diets may be healthier, lethargy may be setting in for many, with excessive tiredness derailing the work day. In order to help combat this, we've worked with Co-op to compile a list of ways to help avoid the Veganuary slump, and all the legathry and tiredness that comes along with it.

If this type of lethargy has got to you, or if you’re in the market for new techniques to combat it before it appears, below are some easy tips to help keep your energy levels up and fight that lethargy, while still sticking to the vegan diet and lifestyle.

Make sure you’re taking the right vitamins:

Many of the essential daily vitamins and supplements people consume can be found in their daily meat or dairy intake. For those that are not consuming meat or dairy, it is important to ensure that your body is still getting the nutrients it needs, even in vitamin form.

One very important vitamin that humans need, B-12, can only be found naturally in products such as meat, fish and dairy. Another essential supplement, Iron, helps carry energy and oxygen throughout the body. Iron deficiency can directly cause tiredness and lethargy throughout your body.

Combat this by making sure you're taking the right supplements and vitamins to keep going during Veganuary - you can pick these up at your local Co-op.

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Keep a food log:

Keeping a food log or journal can help you keep track of exactly what has and has not gone into your body over the course of a single day. This method of keeping track of your diet can help you account for where the possible lethargy may be coming from.

Cronometer is an online website that functions as a food log, allowing you to enter all of the foods that you eat throughout the day. Once you have entered your information it will respond with an overview of all the proper nutrients you have consumed, and more importantly, all the ones you may be lacking or are deficient in. This type of log can really help when it comes time to make sure that you are still having a balanced and healthy diet.

You can find out more about making sure your diet is balanced, including how to understand carbohydrates, ensure you get your 5-a-day, and reduce your sugar, here.

Stay hydrated:

While many of us who are trying Veganuary may miss our cup of coffee in the morning, try a simpler alternative that will jumpstart your day in the same way! A large glass of water with lemon will give you a fresh wake up, you’ll start your day feeling invigorated and energised.

While starting your day hydrated is important, it is even more important to continue to hydrate throughout the day to help fight off exhaustion. Adding lemon or different types of raw fruit to your water can help add different flavors and avoid the boredom of regular tap water. In many cases, Veganuary lethargy is only helped by dehydration.


Image Credit: Pixabay: TBIT

Experiment with new recipes:

Often those who attempt Veganuary get stuck in a rut, cooking the same meals every single day, thus keeping both stomachs and minds bored and exhausted. But cooking vegan meals doesn't have to be an impossible task. With a great variety of simple and vegan-friendly recipes online, Co-op is able to help make vegan cooking so much simpler. Check out this National Student article for six easy-vegan recipes if you don’t know how to cook, our piece on vegan BBQ options, or Co-op's vegan recipes page.


Snack throughout the day:

Often suffering from mid-afternoon exhaustion can be your body's way of telling you it needs a pick me up. Snacking lightly throughout the day help you cut the hunger cravings and mid-afternoon exhaustion while sitting at your desk. Something small like raw fruit or vegetables can help ease the hunger you may feel in the middle of the day, and get you through to meal times. Additional fruit or smoothie supplements can be added for additional nutritional value.

For inspiration, see our pieces on healthy foods to snack on during exams and snacks to create if you're gluten-free.


Image Credit: Pixabay: Ponce_Photography

As you enjoy the rest of Vegananuary, you can be at ease knowing that Co-op has sourced their food by ethical and sustainable means, with no products ever tested on animals. Find out more about Co-op's ethics here.

Want more nutritional advice from Co-op? Check out these piece on how to stay nutritionally balanced during mental health relapses here

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