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Review: Very Strong Coffee


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A waft of rich aromas surrounds the bag of Very Strong Coffee, hinting at the strength and taste of the coffee inside. Using 100% robusta beans, this coffee is strong. Very strong.

When first trying Very Strong Coffee’s ground coffee, I was a little apprehensive.

Image credit: Very Strong Coffee

‘Twice the caffeine; twice the taste’, it reads on the bag. While I thought the doubled taste sounded very tempting, the doubled caffeine sounded less so, as I have long-associated strong coffees with bitter and nasty after-tastes.

With Very Strong Coffee, however, I was pleasantly surprised.

The bag doesn’t lie; the caffeine is indeed very strong, and so too is the flavour. The coffee’s taste is rich and heightened without becoming bitter, balancing out the caffeine.

Although the burst of caffeine is noticeable, it doesn’t feel overpowering, as the flavoursome, indulgent taste of the coffee is a surprising treat. It is strong without tasting too strong.

With the mornings getting darker and the weather getting colder, I found Very Strong Coffee to be a good way to start a wintry day. As well as boosting energy levels, it also happens to be a lovely, warming coffee to drink.

Image credit: Laura Brown

Plus, with its double strength, buying a bag of ground coffee from Very Strong Coffee could be a good way of cutting down spending. A bag of 500mg ground coffee, which can make 40 cups, costs £16.95 online. This works out as a lot less cost per cup than individual ones from chain coffee shops. You can also halve the number of cups you have per day for the same amount of caffeine, saving money further.

The only issue with Very Strong Coffee is that, if anything, the flavour is almost too effective at balancing out the caffeine, making it easy to forget how strong the coffee is. With the double strength of caffeine, it is particularly important to limit how many cups you drink per day.

While having less than 400mg of caffeine a day is thought not to significantly affect adults’ health, it can increase anxiety, high blood pressure and headaches. If you are feeling tired, stressed or studying intensely, therefore, I would suggest keeping coffee (especially with double-strength caffeine) to a minimum.

However, as a morning cup of coffee or as a lazy weekend treat, Very Strong Coffee is a delight.

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