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5 budget food buys to make sure you always have in the cupboard


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We all know how expensive food shopping can be. Even food that is promoted as being healthy can set you back a lot of money. But what if there were ingredients needed to create delicious meals that go a long way and are wallet friendly? Here we have a list of the best money friendly foods and what they can make.

1. Tomatoes

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Rich in flavour and easy to cook and prepare, tomatoes are a budget friendly ingredient for many recipes. They can be used to make salads and pasta sauces, which goes a long way for meal prepping and saving money. There are different types of tomato to go with different meals - for example, plum tomatoes are better for making sauces and stews whereas cherry tomatoes are better in pasta sauces and salads. Pasta sauces, in particular, can be kept a little longer in the fridge, making the tomatoes go a little further.

2. Frozen fruit

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Bags of frozen fruit are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the fact that they are proving to be cheaper and better value for money than fresh fruit. With frozen fruit being able to stored for a long time and not going out of date as quickly as fresh food, this is another example of how something so simple can go a long way. Frozen fruit can be used to create fruit salads and smoothies, the perfect on the go brain snack and drink.

3. Eggs

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Scrambled, fried, boiled, poached or made into a nice easy omelette, eggs can go a long way. Scrambled eggs on toast is a popular student breakfast and fried eggs are typically used in the desperately needed hangover fry-up. Healthy omelettes with eggs, spinach and tomatoes are also proving to be more popular and with lots of nutrients in the eggs, it is not hard to see why.

4. Pasta

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A student favourite. Pasta is a usually cheap ingredient that can be used in multiple recipes and can be stored for a long, long time. Instead of buying the more expensive fresh pasta that expires quickly, dried pasta sold in packets in supermarkets can be as cheap as 30p. Much better value for money. Typical student dishes with pasta in them include spaghetti with tomato and basil, spag bol and pasta bakes.

5. Soup

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Another classic and popular meal. This quick and easy student meal is usually had in winter to warm people up - with recipes from as little as a few pence per portion, soup beats paying expensive heating bills. Tomato soup, in particular, goes really well with pasta - which also means your dinner could cost around 60p and still fill you up. Pretty good going. 

Want more food inspo, including treats for vegans, those who need to eat gluten-free, check out our food and drinks section. 

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