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6 easy vegan recipes if you don’t know how to cook vegan

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An increasing number of students are opting to eat plant-based food products over dairy and meat products.

As World Vegan Month continues, our Instagram feeds will fill up with snapshots of vegan and vegetarian dishes. However, with so many elaborate and photogenic vegan meals being posted, it can seem as though cooking a vegan dish is a contest as to who can make it the prettiest, the brightest, or the most complicated.

Cooking a vegan recipe does not have to be daunting. With their wide range of vegan-friendly products and recipes online, the Co-op is here to make vegan eating ten times easier.

Whether you’re a beginner or simply stretched for time, below are six easy recipes to try out this month.

1. Baked potato with spicy chickpeas

Image: Co-op

Everyone knows that baked potatoes are a student’s best friend. Simply pop a potato in the oven for an hour while you crack on with an assignment, then serve hot with your favourite toppings. Believe it or not, baked potatoes are not limited to cheese and beans.

This easy vegan baked potato recipe takes only five minutes to prep, is packed with protein, and the best part is most of the ingredients will be already in your cupboard.

Full recipe here.

2. Avocado pasta

Image: Co-op

Forget avocado on toast, you should be eating your pasta with avocado with this fresh and easy vegan recipe. The avocado pasta sauce can be as simple as blending avocado, oil, and lemon juice or more elaborate if you’re feeling adventurous.

Full recipe here. Watch student Samantha recreate it below...

3. Tropical ‘nice’ cream

Image: Co-op

For those with a sweet tooth, homemade three-ingredient nice cream is a great dairy-free alternative that is just as good as the real thing. All you need is a sturdy blender, frozen bananas, mango, and a sprinkle of lime juice.

Full recipe here.

4. Carrot and sweet potato crisps

Image: Co-op

Ideal as a side or for a mid-afternoon nibble, festive carrot and sweet potato crisps are the ultimate home comfort. Simply drizzle olive oil over the vegetables, sprinkle with cumin, bake, and pair with a pack of Co-op red pepper houmous.

Full recipe here.

5. Peanut butter bites

Image: Co-op

These tiny balls pack a punch to help you power through your weekdays. Free from honey, maple syrup helps to bind together protein-packed peanut butter with Co-op oats and dried cranberries.

Full recipe here.

6. Sweet potato curry

Image: Co-op

What’s easier than a four-ingredient curry? As the winter months settle in, this vegan sweet potato and chickpea curry will help to keep you warm. Better yet, you can be sure that the Co-op curry powder and chopped tomatoes are sourced ethically.

Full recipe here.

Founded on principles of ethical trade, Co-Op is committed to supporting its workers to deliver long-term sustainable change and to help stamp out modern slavery across the world by regularly checking its suppliers and producers. As supply chains grow exponentially, Co-op believes that trust and transparency is the most important aid in making sustainable improvements.

As you celebrate World Vegan Month, you can relax knowing that your food has been sourced ethically and sustainably, with absolutely no products tested on animals.

Want more vegan recipe inspiration? Check out our Campus Kitchen page on Facebook here - why not start with this vegan chili con carne...?

Students get 10% off at Co-op with a Totum or NUS extra card. For more inspiration from Co-op throughout the year, follow @coopukfood.

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