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More than omelettes: 5 egg recipes to celebrate World Egg Day

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Healthy, full of protein and filling - a good omelette is the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner, packed with a variety of flavours and served in as many ways as you can imagine.

There is really not a wrong way to eat an omelette. But, if you’re looking for just one more reason to stuff yourselves with the delicious and hearty egg dish, we have you covered.

Every second Friday of October is dedicated to World Egg Day - a celebration of the significance of eggs for human nutrition, as well as raising awareness of the importance of fair trade and the treatment and conditions in which hens are raised.

When shopping for tasty omelette ingredients, it is important to make sure that the purchased eggs are not benefiting an industry which directly harms the hens and which encourages their mistreatment in the name of profit. It takes more than 6.5 billion laying hens to produce the eggs required for the global egg market, with over 60% of hens kept in industrialised caged systems.

A good tip: check if the trader you’re purchasing from has received a Good Egg Award which recognises companies that use or have committed (within five years) to use cage-free eggs or egg products. To date more than 57 million laying hens are set to benefit each year from the award winners’ policies.

To celebrate World Egg Day, we have rounded up five easy omelette recipes, and we hope you will find the best ethically-sourced eggs to use and enjoy.

1.    Souffle omelette with spiced beef & spinach

Spicy and healthy with a refreshing hint of Feta. This omelette is the perfect warming-up dish to follow the cold walk after uni, and you can swap the beef with mushrooms for the veggie version.

Full recipe here.

2.    Asparagus omelette

For the lovers of greens and spring flavours, this light dish is what we’d like to call “ultimate brunch”. Serve with some roasted potatoes on the side for a rich, filling-up dinner.
Full recipe here.

3.    Italian melt omelette

Italian and melt: two words we love to hear as they signify a hearty, soul-food dish. It includes mozzarella, pesto and prosciutto and, if you take the pro-tip, goat’s cheese for an added element of creaminess.

Full recipe here.

4.    Flourless spinach and egg muffins

Gluten free, vegetarian and quirky. This is the dish for the ones who would rather enjoy a savoury finish instead of having a dessert. Bring it to the next bake sale, we dare you!

Full recipe here.

5.    Pea and goat’s cheese sheet pan eggs

Maybe not an omelette per description, but if it’s made of flattened eggs, we are willing to give it the pass, especially for this indulgent mix of earthy and prominent flavours. A new table favourite, for sure.
Full recipe here.

Happy egg day! Don’t forget that happy hens make the tastiest eggs.

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