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Here are the foods you should eat before a night out to make sure you survive freshers’

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Although as uni students we should by no means feel forced to drink, obviously many of us choose to. Freshers' week is one of the biggest events on our social calendar, and alcohol can help us both feel relaxed and lose our inhibitions when socialising with new people (and dancing to music we probably don’t like.)

Co-op's Halloumi and Walnut Salad 

So, as long as we don’t overdo it, alcohol can make us feel great… but it can also make us feel awful the next morning if we don’t line our stomachs properly. Drinking without eating anything gets us drunk fast, having a more damaging effect on organs including our liver - something we definitely don't want.  

Here’s how to be food-smart when drinking, so that you can continue partying the week (and term) away without feeling awful every morning.

First and foremost, it is important to stay hydrated when drinking – drinking a glass of water before you go to bed can help prevent the de-hydration headaches the next day. In addition, having water in between alcoholic drinks can stop you from going over your limit, diluting its concentration in your body. Milk is also an effective drink for helping to line your stomach.

Some of the best foods that will line your stomach properly are those high in ‘good’ fats - so sadly, not that oily garlic bread you’ve been saving. Not only are they better at absorbing the alcohol, but they are healthier for you, too. These ‘proper’ carbohydrates, such as avocado, salmon and nuts, will stay in your stomach longer, meaning that the alcohol will be absorbed for longer too.

Co-op has some great recipes for this, including Avo Toast, Green Tea Salmon, and Halloumi and Walnut salad.

Co-op's Avo Toast, a guaranteed morning-after saviour 

If you're feeling particularly fancy, you could even make this avocado and yoghurt dip for some veggies pre night out. 

This leads us onto our next food group – fruit and veg. Fruit provides you with lots of vitamins that your body will thank you for the next day, and naturally watery fruits can help hydrate you too.

If you’re feeling like a simple banana won’t do, you could make Slow Cooked Pears, a Blueberry Slushie, or some very healthy Buddha Bowls.

Buddah Bowl. Yum. 

These are just a few of Co-op’s great recipes that can help you feel good the day after drinking. Just remember - don’t plan to go too mad this freshers, but if you do make sure you've injested the good fats first. 

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