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10 plants you can grow and harvest in your dorm room


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Sustainable lifestyle and purchasing organic food have certainly been on the rise in recent years. But when one is on a student budget, buying organic can sometimes be a bit out of reach.

For the adventurous entrepreneurs or just common wanna-be-witches out there we might have a solution in hand. Imagine your dorm room transformed into a garden with your own plants, herbs and ready to pick salad veg. It will indeed impress everyone who comes for a visit and sees your own little private garden.

Image Source: Pixabay

It all sounds a bit impossible but it is actually true- there are a good number of vegetables and herbs out there, which you can grow on your window still or underneath. Midnight healthy snack sorted- just a few steps away.

Here are ten suggestions of tasty and easy to grow botanicals.

1.       Lemons
Perfect to drop in your water, beverage or to sprinkle some zest over a meal, to give it a Mediterranean twist. You can only grow them if your room is really sunny though, as they need 8-12 hours of sunlight every day.

2.       Lettuce
Imagine picking your own lettuce and serving your flatmates with a window-grown salad. You don’t need a deep pot for lettuce, but make sure its wide, as your seeds need to be planted at least 4 inches apart.

3.       Basil
A few leaves of basil can make all the difference when added to fresh salad, or tomato pasta sauce. Put your pot, where direct sunlight will hit and don’t forget to water daily.

 Image Source: Pixabay

4.       Tomatoes
Bright and sweet, tomatoes are one of the most rewarding plants you can grow. They’ll need partial sun and regular watering (sometimes even twice a day!) so you have to be one dedicated parent.

5.       Potatoes

Growing potatoes is fun! You can grow them pretty much everywhere, but if your dorm room happens to have enough space for a bin or a big bag, you’re in for a win. First of all you’ll need to fill the bottom with a few of inches of soil and compost mix and plant your seed potatoes. Fill with just enough soil to cover the tops. Make sure your potatoes are regularly watered and the soil is moist and don’t forget cover the sprouted potato greens with compost mix as they come up. Keep covering until you reach the top of the bag. Allow the plants to flower and die. Harvest your future chips.

6.       Kale
The recent food-blogger must have is actually pretty simple to grow indoors. You’ll need a medium-sized pot and a 2,5 inches of soil. Don’t forget to water regularly and watch it grow.

 Image Source: Pixabay

7.       Spinach
Popeye’s favourite can elevate your dish from a simple meal, to a restaurant level experience. Spinach is also, quite possibly one of the easiest plants to grow. It requires sun, but not too much and only a few times a week. It only needs a spray of water, so you’re being really environmentally friendly, growing this one.

8.       Carrots
The good news is you can plant a new batch every two weeks and they’ll keep coming. You will however need a deep pot and regular sunlight, so this is a plant for the ones who live on the top floors of their student accommodations.

9.       Radishes
These fresh little vegetables will give a cute colour boost to your salad attempts and the best part- they’re quite easy to grow as well. Just give them a big enough pot and water regularly.

10.   Avocados
Ah, what a joy, a fresh picked avocado for your morning toast. Your Instagram following will get immediate boost if you manage to grow them successfully. All you need to do is remove the pit, push three or four toothpicks into the base and put it in a glass of water with the pointed side up. Then, place it on a warm window sill and water regularly. Soon you’ll have a little tree ready for planting. It’s time for the rooted seed to go in a pot and grow, again with plenty of sunlight and enough water. Can’t wait to hear the alarm in the morning!

Of course, you might not have the space or the energy to grow more than a few at the same time, but even one pot can add a smile to your day, when you think that you’ve just consumed the actual fruits of your own labour.

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