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Japanese vs American cheesecake. Which one is here to stay?


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A new food trend has come to our Instagrams and is here to stay. Fluffy, eerie, with a cloud-like texture, it is time to meet (and taste) Japanese cheesecake.

There are two types of Japanese cheesecake, both of which have developed a twist on the original version of the mouth watering western desert. The first type of is somewhat of a souffle cheescake, created through baking, but unlike the American version, there is a use of a meringue egg white batter that is mixed to the cream mix.

This is then cooked in a bain-marie which creates a consistency that is very soft- depending on the cooking time, a molten center can be present, sometimes with a layer of apricot jam as a topping. The second version of the Japanese cheesecake is a remake of the Western unbaked creation which is also known as a rare cheesecake. Within this version a setting ingrediant is used, such a gelatin, with a cream cheese and yoghurt base, unlike just cream which Americans use in their recipe.

Probably the main difference between the American and Japanese cheesecake is that the American one has more sugar and cream present, making it higher in calories and far sweeter. Due to culture differences, this is why the Japanese cheesecake is known to be lighter with a lower intake calories, thus fitting in with the local tastes of Japansese culture.

A typical western cheesecake also has a crust with a base of crushed biscuits and has toppings of a variety from fruit, cream, syrups and cookies- There is more of a variety of flavours available within cheesecakes that can be found in Western Culture! Again, this demonstrates culture differences and how this is incoporated in recipies that are becoming worldwide, like the cheesecake which was originally developed by the Greeks and was brought into popularity.

If you are looking for a lighter desert which has far more calories and is not so sweet, the Japanese cheesecake is for you! However, American cheesecake is very much a sugar rush with more of a burst of flavouring, albeit it is more likely to make you feel a bit more sickly from how sweet it actually is. But, we can all agree that any desert is something of a remarkable design which brings a smile to our faces, and bellies. 

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