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Bloody hell! There's a Harry Potter cookbook for Muggles


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The Harry Potter universe has always had a lasting appeal over its readers, with many of us left waiting for our Hogwarts letters, or buying house merch well into our twenties.

And while the closest we’ll ever get to Hogwarts is the Orlando theme park, now there’s a chance for everyone to experience the wizarding world with their taste buds.

Treacle tarts, pumpkin juice, and butterbeer- one can now have a Hogwarts fest in their home. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook might be designed for muggles, but believe us- the recipes taste like magic.

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The pages of the book are all designed to resemble authentic spellbook parchment and contains the muggle-approved recipes for familiar tasty treats, such as lemon drops, cauldron cakes, and Kreacher’s French Onion Soup.

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The recipes are advertised as easy to follow, and suitable even for your little brother or sister to make. And prospective wizards have reviewed it highly on Amazon as well.

Amazon user anavringrrl says: “I absolutely love this book! It's incredibly fun and whimsical to read through, and the actual pages themselves are made to look as if they are from a tattered spellbook. The only thing that is rather bothersome (but not worth deducting stars in my opinion) is that the recipes are not gathered in any order you would find in a Muggle cookbook. For instance, there is a recipe for onion soup, next page is Molly's meatballs and gravy, next Brussel sprouts, next double strawberry ice cream, and so on. Chapter titles include: "Good Food with Bad Relatives," "Treats from the Train," "Recipes from Giant and an Elf," "The Favorite Cook's Dishes," "Holiday Fare," and others.”

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Another highly-respected Muggle edition, The Wall Street Journal, has also spoken highly of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: “Cooking dishes from popular fantasy books--from Harry Potter to A Game of Thrones to the Twilight vampire tales--has become a pastime for fans seeking to immerse themselves in their favourite fictional worlds. Literary foodies are trading tips on how to cook eel pie and nettle soup, sharing ideas on blogs, YouTube and Twitter, and occasionally scoring cookbook deals. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, which came out last year, has sold more than 150,000 copies."

The Muggle bible for cooking magical food is available on Amazon for just $12.61

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