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6 bizarre ice cream flavours you can actually buy in the UK


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Summer has arrived and what better time then to indulge in some ice cream. Instead of sticking to the traditional flavours this summer, why not switch things up and go for one of these wacky and wonderful flavours. 


Glen Ur in Castle Douglas, Dumfries, reimagined Scotland’s national dish and have created Haggis flavoured ice cream. Traditionally, Haggis is made from stuffing a cow’s stomach with a sheep’s heart, liver and lungs along with a mixture of beef or mutton suet, oatmeal, onion and spices. The company have stated that they sticked to the original recipe rather than using synthetic flavourings for a more authentic taste. 

The Scottish ice cream makers also sell a beer flavoured ice cream. 



Ruby Violet have ice cream parlours in both Tufnell Park and Kingscross and are renowned for their love of delectable and unusual ice cream flavours, claiming that they are the ‘wizards of ice cream’. 

The most bizarre flavours currently on their menu include ‘Horseradish’ and ‘Stilton and Cranberry’.



Joe Delucci’s Gelato has ice cream parlours across the country and have announced theirlatest flavour: Parmesan! The company say that this flavour is in fact delicious served with cheeseboard, tomato and basil!

The company now sells its (less wacky) ice cream flavours in large retailers such as Tesco. 


Dorset Wasabi

The Purbeck Ice Cream Company serve ‘Dorset Wasabi’ flavoured ice cream, which surprisingly has led the company to win accolades for its delicious flavour. It is made by infusing milk and cream with locally grown Dorsey Wasabi. 

Even stranger is that they say the ice cream is particularly good served with beef!


Coronation Chicken

In 2012 Chef of London eatery Gelupo, Jacob Kenedy, created a coronation chicken flavour ice cream as a nod to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The flavour cold be enjoyed in a tub or in a toasted brioche for a contemporary twist on the popular sandwich. 

Currently on their menu are wacky flavours such as ‘Tomato, Basil and Chocolate Sorbetti’ and ‘Mango and Sticky Rice Gelati’. 


Blue Cheese and Walnut

La Gelatiera located in London’s trendy Soho are known for their unusual flavours. At present, in their freezers are a ‘Blue Cheese and Walnut’ flavour, ‘Mushroom and Chocolate’ and a ‘Basil and Chilli’ flavour.

Are you brave enough to try any of these wacky combinations? 

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