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The best gin cocktails you should definitely try this summer


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With the eather forecasts promising one of the sunniest and cleares summers Britain has had in years, we have tailored a definitive list of gin-based cocktails for you to sip on. 

Whether strong and mighty gets your tastebuds in a tease, or tropical and sweet sends you crazy - we have the perfect gin cocktail for you. 

The Clover Club

Pink gin is currently having a resurgence within Britain, and in-tow The Clover Club has never been so popular.  The pigmented drink fuses gin and lemon juice with raspberry syrup and an egg white to create this so-so-delectable cocktail.  The egg white is used as an emulsifier, thus creating the drink’s characteristic foamy head.  (Top tip: if you are making The Clover Club at home, substitute your raspberry syrup for seedless raspberry jam… You can thank us later)

Monkey Gland 

An experiment went terrifically well, Monkey Gland always receives a snigger and a smile when ordered. The strong, fruity cocktail contains a swirl of Absinth around a Martini glass, as well as grenadine, orange juice and of course, the main ingredient - a healthy helping of gin.  A succulent taste with a lacklustre hint of anise makes Monkey Gland an aromatic good choice, always. 

The White Lady

Not a cocktail for the fainthearted, The White Lady packs serious a sour, flavoursome punch.  Made up of gin, triple sec, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and an optional egg white - this baby is powerful, to say the least. Do not be fuelled by its simplicity, take a walk on the wild side and meet The White Lady next Saturday evening.

Alabama Slammer

Hot summer nights in a highball glass; the Alabama Slammer is a fiery fruit punch, poised and prepared to blow you away.  Opting for a streak of sloe gin at its base, the alcoholic beverage also combines the nutty flavour of amaretto, Southern Comfort and orange juice, creating the revered Alabama Slammer.  Top yours with a sugar-coated orange wheel and cherries to seriously appease your sweet tooth.

The Bramble

Quintessentially British, the understated Bramble was crafted in 1980’s Soho, London.  Mixing gin and lemon juice with sugar syrup and blackberry liqueur, this simple-yet-effective offering is simultaneously thirst-quenching and patriotic.  No-thrills and classically appealing - The Bramble is always a winner in our eyes.

Gin Bloody Mary

The bear with the sore head always swears by The Bloody Mary. The classic conventionally contains a dash of vodka, but what if we told you the hangover-curing beverage tastes even better with gin? To celebrate World Gin Day every damn day, opt for the Gin breakfast, Bloody Mary.

French 75

The physical embodiment of the phrase “keep it classy, never trashy”; the French 75 is the ultimate sophisticated gin drink.  Rich and dry champagne is carefully cocktailed with gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup in a flute glass to create one of the globe’s favourite drinks.  Garnish with an elegant lemon rind spiral, and do not forget the Instagram filter. 

Singapore Sling

Turn a miserable Margate Monday into a Sunny Saturday in the Caribbean, with a Singapore Sling.  When ordering this tropical tipple, expect a Hurricane glass bubbling with (big breath) gin, cherry brandy, Cointreau, a dash of herbal liqueur and a dash of Angostura bitters, as well as grenadine, pineapple juice and fresh lime.  Club Tropicana, the Singapore Slings are probably not free.

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