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Top 9 craft gins to celebrate World Gin Day with


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Negroni week is in full swing, but more importantly today is World Gin Day! While our dream of such a day being a special commemoration, luckily it’s Saturday, so we can kick back and relax with a nice craft gin of choice! Here are our top 9 pics for craft gins to try out today:

1. Tarquin's Gin 

Infused with fragrant handpicked violets from Devon and fresh orange zest, Tarquin’s is sure to deliver a unique aromatic experience to your Saturday afternoon! Boasting a number of botanicals, including juniper, coriander seeds, orange, lemon, grapefruit, angelica root and more, this gin has a fresh, citrusy taste, which is simply unforgettable. Pair with a grapefruit peel for the full taste!

2. Hendrick's Gin

Though it is fairly well known, it would be a crime not to mention Hendrick’s Gin, the success story that it is after relaunching in 2001. Blending two distinctive spirits from a Carter-Head Still and a small pot still, Hendrick’s uses small batches to have greater control over the quality. The result is evident in the wonderful marriage between the strong juniper flavours of the small pot still, and the lighter sweet fragrances of the Carter-Head still, where cucumber and rose petals dominate. Enjoy with cucumber slices!

3. Buss No. 509

This gin hails from Antwerp, Belgium, bringing a variety of fruity flavours, including but not limited to peach, raspberry and grapefruit! While it makes a mean gin and tonic, it’s well worth having it on its own to fully enjoy the warm bouquet of flavours.  

4. Black Tomato Gin

This one offers a definitely unorthodox taste, as the black tomatoes, grown in Sicily, combine with classic juniper and a few drops of actual seawater to deliver a truly bizarre experience! Only for the more adventurous people, this one will definitely leave an impression!

5. Roku Gin

Step aside Japanese whiskey, it’s time for Japanese gin to shine! Roku gin combines six unique Japanese botanicals - Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea (green tea), Gyokuro tea (refined green tea) and Sanshō pepper – alongside eight classic ingredients to take us on a taste journey across Japan’s seasons. Creators of this gin recommend having this with tonic and slices of ginger!

6. Edgerton pink gin

Edgerton pink gin stood out with its pomegranate hues among the clear and occasional blues of the gin scene of when it was first released. Beyond the usual bouquet of botanicals, Edgerton also borrows flavours from more unusual sources like damiana and grains of paradise. Enjoy in a nice G&T so that the tonic can calm down that 47% alcohol content and bring out the flavours!

7. Foxdenton gin

Another one for lovers of fruity flavours! Though Foxdenton does offer a London dry gin, the true gems lie in its flavoured ones. Ranging from apricot, rhubarb, and damson to sloe, raspberry and plum, these gins have something to offer everyone!

8. The Botanist dry gin

Boasting a grand total of 31 botanicals, the Botanist is probably one of the most complex gins you can try! Two thirds of these herbs are locally foraged in Scotland, which also contributes to the gin’s rich taste. Due to the versatility of the taste, it’s a perfect gin for any gin cocktail you can think of!

9. McQueen Gin

McQueen Gin stands out among all the rest with its truly unique flavours such as chocolate mint, sweet citrus, mocha, and smokey chilli. The creators behind this truly bonkers idea are Dale McQueen and his wife Vicky, who are not afraid to use unusual ingredients like kefir lime leaves, coffee, and chipotle chilli.

Do you have a favourite gin we missed? Tell us in the comments! 

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