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15 VERY impressive summer salads that you can recreate in your own kitchen

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With temperatures going up and summer almost on the door it'll come as no surprise if you've suddenly started craving light and fresh food and doing more than a quick scan through the restaurants’ salad menu.

A salad is the perfect light meal, which can be consumed as a starter, side, main and even dessert! It’s easy to make, there are thousands of ways to assemble one, and whether you preffer a combination of simple flavours or a bowl of everything mixed together there is really no wrong way to do it.

The three golden rules to a tasty salad are:

1. Always cut the veggies to small, bite-sized pieces. Leaves as well! Leaving them whole is only for presentation!

2. Don’t forget the dressing! Whether a simple oil, balsamic vinegar and salt or your homemade secret one, the dressing is what makes a salad unique. And no, salad cream is never okay.

3. Buy your veggies locally and consume in two or three days. Just run to the local Co-op and quickly assemble a fresh basket.

Follow these three rules of thumb and you are guaranteed to enjoy the best quality salads. And just for some inspiration, we’ve gathered these salad ideas for you to try yourself. They are so easy to make and sure to boost your mood and health!

1.       1. This salad is ideal for breakfast or lunch

It has salmon, radishes, avocado, lettuce, spinach and mixed seeds. What a meal!

       2. The salad that’s basically summer in a bowl

The pine nuts, the spinach, the pesto… this one might just become our seasonal staple. Get it here.

2.       3. The pasta salad to rule them all

Add an Instagram-worthy touch by using farfalle instead of your regular pasta. Also includes chicken, spring onion, mixed greens, soy sauce, mustard, paprika, soy sauce,  yogurt, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and Worcester sauce. Talk about rich dressing!

          4. This one, with British bacon and balsamic pear

Yum and YUM. Need we say more? Probably not. Get the recipe here. 

3.       5. The colourful bowl

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If you are one to eat not only with your mouth but with your eyes as well, this colourful pasta bowl is not to miss. Runny eggs, avocados, cucumber, sweetcorn, cashews,  feta cheese, lettuce and a sprinkle of pepper and sesame. Yum!

4.       6. A chicken and bacon salad that's actually healthy

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Well, if you use bacon medallions and boiled chicken breast. Also add red peppers, tomatoes, balsamic glaze and a few parmesan shavings. Forget the oil and salt; this is full of flavour already.

          7. The one that’s a twist on an old favourite

Want something a bit lighter than chicken in your Caesar salad?  Say no more – Co-op has replaced the traditional staple with Scottish salmon, and we think it’s ingenious. Find out how to make your own here. 

5.       8. The Mediterranean salad

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This salad draws inspiration from North Africa and southern Italy. Couscous, iceberg salad, apples, pistachios, hazelnuts, celery, dill and yogurt. To be enjoyed under the sun!

       9. Getting fruity

Goat’s cheese, nectarines and chicken come together, in a recipe that’s a quick (20 minutes tops) as it is summer. We’d be impressed if you served us this. Get the recipe here.  

          10. Simply green

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Love your greens and want a simple and healthy salad? This superfood bowl has all the right ingredients and you won’t feel guilty about it. Avocado, goat cheese, cucumber, leek, quinoa, beetroot. Perfection!

7.       11. A salad worth sharing!

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That’s what the cook says. Pistachio, feta and pomegranate salad, also featuring dried fruit, greens and light dressing. It sounds delicious!

          12. The one that you can also create on a BBQ

How? Well, because it’s stuffed with roast veg and halloumi. The meaty cheese doesn’t melt, meaning you can grill it happily alongside your sausages. Check out the recipe here, and don’t forget to browse our vegan BBQ alternatives article too. 

8.       13. The European classic

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This salad won the Taste of Europe competition by a massive landslide. And as a fellow Bulgarian let me tell you what is in it: tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, onion (could be red or yellow), grated feta cheese, fresh parsley and black olives. Make sure to add olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. And dive in!

9.       14. A colourful medley

A post shared by Luz (@beautyandlifestyle_by_luz) on

There’s really not a rule to this salad rather than to make it pretty. Edible flowers, carrots, apples, rocket, figs, cucumber, oranges. A mix of fruit and veg for the non-picky eaters.

          15. The dessert salad

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Who says that salads are reserved for a starter? A good fruit salad is all you need to finish a meal. Add whatever you want to it, and if you’re feeling naughty just spray some cream on top!

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