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Save a whole lot of dough with Dacia and Deliveroo


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Students love their savings, especially when it’s on a Friday night, and it includes pizza!

We can thank Dacia, the best value car brand in the UK for saving us money on food as well.

What’s the reason behind this generosity? The car brand has found that in the five years since launching in the UK, it has saved its customers an incredible £1.5 billion¹ when buying a new car. That’s the equivalent of £13,100 per customer, when comparing the average cost of a new car with the cost of all Dacias sold in the UK over the last five years.

Or as they like to envision it- they are giving people the chance to save even more ‘dough’ (‘dough’ – ‘pizza’, see what we did there?) by partnering with Deliveroo to give people £10 off their next takeaway pizza order. That’s the same as 13 years’ worth of pizza over the course of just one week.

Dacia offers the best value new cars on the market – and it’s not just about price. The Dacia Sandero has not only been the most affordable car on sale in the UK since 2013 – starting at an incredible £6,995 – but has been awarded the title of ‘Best Small Car under £12,000’ by the industry experts at What Car? for the last six consecutive years.

As well as being one of the UK’s most affordable cars to buy, the Sandero was also recognised for being one of the most efficient cars to own and run, with a running cost of just 20.63p per mile³, according to cap hpi’s recent Pence Per Mile ratings.  In fact, the top three most affordable cars to run in the UK were all Dacias.

Well they certainly have a reason to celebrate and we sure agree that they’ve found the best way to do it.

But hurry up! The promotion only runs for a week. So to get a ‘pizza the action’ and enjoy money off your takeaway this week, just head online to Deliveroo Foodscene  to be in with the chance to win your personalised ‘Sander-dough’ discount code, and enjoy a taste of the simple joys in life, courtesy of Dacia!

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