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10 Instagram cakes that you *might* be able to recreate this Easter

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It’s the beginning of Easter week and we are sure to have our chocolate treats sorted and hidden, waiting for friends and family.

But if you thought the certainty of at least five types of Easter chocolate egg will make us question the presence of a celebration cake on the Easter menu, well then, you are deeply wrong.

Easter cakes are a popular family treat and a centrepiece on the holiday table. We know many families have a dedicated recipe and decorating style, but if you’re one of the ones that decided to break tradition, or simply surprise everyone by bringing a cake to the party, we have ten decorating ideas, which are easy, impressive and are sure to make the cut when it comes to Easter Instagram pictures.

For most of them you only need a few packs of mini eggs, Easter cookies and chocolate sauce- all of them available at your closest Co-Op shop.

1. The Pastel Cheesecake

If you are anything like me, there is certainly going to be a cheesecake on your menu. This dessert is easy, not-too heavy and super easy to make. Just pile a mountain of mini eggs on top, and here it is - a treat that you won’t feel (too) guilty for.

2. Strawberries and Cream

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If you’re a fan of light, creamy cakes, then fresh strawberries and cream make for the perfect decoration. Just add some Easter cookies on top and a few min leaves for that fresh, spring-green pop.

3. Little Lamb

Thinking of having a lamb roast for the holidays? Why not take it the extra mile and add a little lamb-inspired cake to the party? Just make a simple buttercream cake and use whipped cream and chocolate sauce to make the lamb’s face. You can use two pink mini eggs for the nose and if you’re not an expert with shaping fondant, just cut the ears out of coloured paper.

4. The Green Meadow

If you want something simple but catchy, here is one for you. Mix your buttercream with green food dye and cover the cake. Capture the spring theme by sprinkling coconut flakes on top and finish with three mini eggs. Fresh and easy!

5. Spring Awakening

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This one is the probably the hardest one on our list, but with a little patience and experimenting there is nothing impossible. Don’t forget you can just buy decorative flowers, bees and bunnies instead of making them from fondant. The ladybugs are just a ball of red fondant with dots and lines of chocolate sauce. And mini eggs of course. Arrange it and you have this colourful ensemble that is sure to invoke many praises from your guests.

6. The Big Chocolate-y Mess

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Drip Cakes! Made for the messiest of us. Start pouring chocolate sauce in the middle of your cake until it starts dripping off the edges, then refridgirate for an hour or until the drip has solidified. Many shops now sell a package of one giant egg as well as some mini ones. Just put the giant egg on top and fill it with various mini eggs or crème eggs. Put a chocolate bunny here and there and maybe even some chocolate sticks. What a delightful mess!

7. Simple Sprinkle

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This idea follows The Green Meadow one but it’s even easier and more budget-friendly. Add some green food dye to make the outside of your cake green. Mix some pink food dye for buttercream roses and add a generous amount of sprinkles or hundreds and thousands. Everyone can do it!

8. The Minimalist One

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Another idea for the cheesecake lovers. Instead of adding pastel mini eggs to your cake, just stick to the simple black (chocolate) and one motives. Three big chocolate bunnies and some mini eggs should do the trick of making your cake look simple and elegant.

9. Mum’s Chocolate Easter Cake

I don’t know about you, but my childhood cakes were all very well-organised in their decoration. This means each cake would have an exact number of slices (8,12,16), with each slice having a chocolate rose. It solved the problem of who gets the best slice as we all got the same. This cake-decorating idea follows the same principle of classical cake-decoration. A swirl of chocolate, with two mini eggs on top of each slice and a big circle of mini eggs in the middle. There is no way you cake will look bad after that.

10. The Egg Nest Cake

This decoration idea is based on picking brightly-coloured eggs and arranging them in a “nest” made of chocolate flakes. Each slice gets their own nest and you get all the compliments. Deal?


Have you got a great Easter cake decorating idea? Share it with us in the comments!

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