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10 food-appreciation uni societies that you'll want to join right now

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Going to uni could easily turn into the best years of your life. However, there are some universal rules, such as these: hardest exams will be earliest in the day. That one professor that is always late will be on time when your bus decides to not turn up. The books you need will be always on loan. And last but not least - the canteen food is always a bit disappointing, especially if you are a self-proclaimed but infinitely-dedicated food lover.

Well, it comes as no surprise then that in many universities students have decided to take the (food) matters in their own hands (quite literally) and have started their own food-appreciation societies, making sure they will have at least one satisfying meal a week.

And in case you wonder whether your university has a place for like-minded food lovers, we’ve made a list of the best and most interesting university food-themed societies in the UK. You're welcome. 

1. Hummus Society, SOAS University of London

According to the SOAS Hummus Society, “Transcending regional borders, “hummus” represents the socio-cultural themes of mutuality and cooperation. Our aim as a SOAS society is to use hummus as a tool to break down any remaining barriers, to bring the SOAS community together, to use a pot of hummus as the hearth of thought, recipes, stories and homes. Through the domain of a society, we hope to bring together all types, in order to indulge in “hummus for thought”.

A noble cause indeed.

2. Ice Cream Society, Edinburgh University

They say:

“Everything frozen - we love it! Whether you like the tangy taste of fro-yo, stick to your regular stracciatela, experiment with cardamon sorbet or just like a big bowl of sundae (we are talking at least 4 different scoops, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, fudge chunks, waffle, whipped cream and lastly, a cherry on top), be sure to join our ice-cream lovin' society.

"We solemnly swear that we are up to no good, and by "no good" we mean we're eating loads and loads of ice cream.”

I would not go past them at Fresher’s Fair.

3. Slow Food On Campus Society, Exeter University

This one is more of a traditional food society, appreciating local eateries and hosting regular dinner events.

In their description:

“This society is for anyone who likes to eat good food and drink... or both!

"We have food nights, trips to farms, and visits to food festivals around Devon. On the serious side, we are part of the International Slow Food campaign – committed to encouraging the use of locally produced food and teaching about how food waste can be prevented.

"If you like eating and drinking; like cooking; want to learn how to cook; want to save money on food; want to taste Devon’s great foods; want to experience different food cultures; or worry about the future of food, then Slow Food on Campus is for you!”

4. Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Appreciation Society, University of Saint Andrews

Their description says: “The society began in 1981, making it one of St Andrews University's oldest - we're a bit vintage. Which is just as well, given we're devoted to all things vintage, not just Tunnock's biscuits, as our name would suggest. We meet up weekly to hold events with a vintage feel, from tea parties to film screenings.”

Vintage society with a food twist? I could not say “no”.

5. Food and Nutrition Society, Reading University

For food-lovers who also want to be responsible and informed with their choices.

In their statement they say:

“RUFANS is for anyone who loves food, cooking/baking and/or nutrition. We as a society are linked with the Food and Nutritional Sciences Department, so we will be organising academic events and offering/signposting academic support, as well as the fun stuff! The society will give you a chance to meet other like-minded foodies (we all love food!) and have a cracking time through the socials and food-based events put on by the society throughout the year. Make sure you join us for many socials, drunken bar crawls, food trips/talks, baking/cooking competitions and much more. “

6. Cheese Society, University of Glasgow

Cheese is actually so popular that we found a few universities with dedicated societies, such as Bristol Uni’s Cheese Soc and University of Manchester’s Cheese and Wine Society.

Glasgow however grabbed our attention with past events such as fondue night and Valentine’s Cheese.

They say:

“Glasgow University Cheese Society (or GUCS for the initiated) is a place for all our cheese-lovers to come together and… eat cheese. We aim to hold monthly meetings where attendees can sample delicious cheeses and meet other dairy enthusiasts.  GUCS is a fun society, no specialist knowledge of cheese is required, just bring your enthusiasm and your appetite!”

7. Good Food Society, Warwick University

This society is so famous that it comes first when you search Google for “university food societies”. And for a good reason.

“Warwick Good Food Society is for everyone with an interest in food or drink. From those who just like eating out, to those who love cooking & gastronomy. We offer numerous & varied events including subsidised restaurant trips, cooking classes, Cook Offs/competitions, food related trips e.g. to Food Festivals and our annual tour and a whole array of collaboration events with other brilliant Warwick societies. All of our members are welcome to come to any one of our events, mix & match how they like, or come to them all!”

8. The Vegan Society, University of Glasgow

According to their own words:

“The Vegan Society of the University of Glasgow was formed by staff of the University in 2006 after successfully encouraging Hospitality Services to provide vegan food options during the University's first Diversity Week. The University's catering service now provides vegan food every day. Glasgow was the first University to achieve accreditation from the UK Vegan Society through its "Sunflower Standard" Scheme.

"VSUG is open to staff and students of the University. We welcome vegans, aspiring vegans, supporters of veganism and animal welfare, and supporters of the provision of vegan food.”

Seeing the popularity of the vegan lifestyle growing, Glasgow University showed forward-thinking  and demonstrated inclusiveness, an example we think should be followed by more universities.

9. Competitive Eating Society, Kent Univeristy

Although we are not sure if this one managed to fight the time, the idea is still quite original.

Students were gathering together to look for food challenges, such as Chicken Nugget Centurion, the One Metre Pizza, and of course, the Hot Curry Challenge.

It is definitely a good idea if you’re thinking of starting a food-themed society in your own university.

10. The Curry Society, Leicester University

I saved this one for last, because it makes my heart skip a beat in excitement. This is one for all the curry lovers out there.

“If you love curry, you’ve picked one of the best cities to study in. Leicester is famous for its Golden Mile and has previously been named as the Curry Capital of the UK. There are so many good Indian restaurants in Leicester that you could visit a different one almost every week for a year.

"Joining the Curry Society is a great way to meet new people, have a good time and, most importantly, sample some of these fabulous eateries.”

Did we miss any existing food-appreciation uni societies? Tell us in the comments!

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