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Harry and Meghan's wedding cake designer is revealed!


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I don’t know about you, but for me, weddings are all about three things: the dress, the speeches, and the cake. We’ll have to wait until 19th May to see what Meghan Markle’s gown of choice is, and the closest we’ll come to those speeches will be snatched rumours.

But the cake is another matter. Kensington Palace announced today that the happy couple have chosen East London-based pastry chef Claire Ptak to make an organic lemon and elderflower cake, in a break from the traditional fruit cake featured at other royal weddings.

Ptak specialises in seasonal flavours and decorations, using organic ingredients in her Hackney bakery, Violet. Whilst she’s not yet a household name, Harry and Meghan are not her first celebrity clients, as she has made cakes for Jamie and Jools Oliver in the past.

Her shop sells some delicious looking bakes, from cupcakes and slices to buns and traybakes. This is a part of the wedding we can all get involved in, as you can pick up a treat from Violet every day of the week!

Here’s a quick sneak peak of the kind of thing Harry, Meghan and their guests might have to look forward to in May!

Victoria Sponge Cake


This taps into the ‘naked’ wedding cake trend which has been featured at just about every hipster wedding over the past couple of years. What it lacks in icing, it makes up for in delicate prettiness though – look at that combination of fruit and flowers! Ptak has used local ingredients in this too, with Clapton-based London Borough of Jam preserves used in the filling.

Date and cashew cake 

 Showing off some of the more unusual flavourings Ptak offers, this also ticks all the boxes for the clean-eaters amongst us, being vegan, gluten- and sugar-free. With its natural and unfussy appearance, this would be perfect for a rustic wedding.

Salted caramel cake 


Another contemporary favourite flavour here, and in a more traditional wedding colour. This perfectly shows off the relationship Ptak has with her florist neighbours, who she uses to decorate her cakes: those dahlias are just gorgeous, and we already know that Harry and Meghan want their cake decorated with fresh flowers too!

Red velvet cake

One of the more traditional looking cakes from Ptak, but hiding a secret inside it with that classic red velvet filling. Like many of her cakes, this is covered in a Swiss buttercream filling, a tricky but delicious frosting – it’s like a silky soft and glossy meringue!

Mini cupcakes

Harry and Meghan might have chosen a full wedding cake, but these mini cupcakes are so cute that we could be tempted. They show off Ptak’s penchant for unusual flavours, pictured here in grape, peach and raspberry. Why does everything have to be shades of ivory at a wedding anyway? Plus these are the kinds of cakes us mere mortals can pick up from the Violet shop or, on a Saturday, from Broadway Market. I don’t know about you, but I’m already planning my trip!

For more amazing cakes, check Claire Ptak out on Instagram: @violetcakeslondon

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