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KFC has apparently released a new burger... but all is not as it seems


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KFC has debuted what looks like the newest addition to its extensive menu, but things might not be quite what they seem.

With a chia-seeded cauliflower bun, unsweetened almond yoghurt, kale, spiralised chicken breast and ice cube relish, safe to say it’s no Zinger Burger.

The KFC #cleaneating burger is apparently made in collaboration with the so-called Figgy Poppleton-Rice (which is, frankly, a ludicrous name). We doubt people will be rushing to order it any time soon.

Bleurgh. But wait: we smell a rat. Ice cube relish? Figgy Poppleton-Rice? This can’t be a real thing!

On closer inspection, Ms Poppleton-Rice’s social media presence was only started a mere week ago – a bit suspicious for a food blogger, if you ask us.

And her online persona seems to be beyond parody. The bio on her blog says: “I’m a clean eating fanatic, and always have been since last year. This blog is my way of passing on my wisdom, tips, and raw cauliflower cooking methods to you guys, my faithful fans!”

Such gems on her website include a recipe for the perfect brunch (a rice cake, one head of broccoli and an egg white FYI), or an interesting looking milkshake which involves four different types of milk alternatives (delicious!).

Now, we’re not saying Figgy and the burger came straight out of KFC’s imagination, but we remain sceptical.

No word from the burger aficionados at KFC as to whether this is all an elaborate prank, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for the supposed debut of the cleaneating burger come Monday.

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