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Here’s how becoming a Co-op member could bag you £100 per year cashback

8th February 2017
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We’ve already told you all the benefits of becoming a Co-op member – the 1% that you’ll give to local causes every time you buy their products, for instance – but now the clever folks at our favourite local food-stop have worked out exactly how much money you’d end up with if you shopped there every week.

A member spending £40 per week on own-branded groceries would earn over £100 in a year, and see more than £20 go directly to local causes to make a difference in the community.

That’s basically a free month (probably more) of food, just for buying Co-op products, and some good karma to boot. Nice.

In fact, Co-op members pocketed a whopping £15 MILLION between the launch of the scheme at the end of September and the end of the year. That’s some hefty cashback at work.

So, how does it work? Here’s a reminder:

As a member, you get 5p for every £1 you spend on Co-op branded products. 5% of what you spend will be credited to your Co-op membership account. So spend £10 on meat, and you’ll get 50p back. Dinner = sorted.  

Oh and you’ll also give 1% of whatever you spend on Co-op products back to your community, into whichever cause you choose. 

You can redeem the money you save by becoming a Co-op member immediately, or you can save it up for a special occassion or big shop – say if you’re hosting a Christmas dinner or throwing your best mate a birthday party.

We’ll see you at the checkout (we’ll be the ones with a trolley full of bacon.)

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