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9 smoothies to make with the new NutriBullet you got for Christmas


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The year ahead spells a weighty divorce from the boring green smoothie and the change couldn’t come soon enough. As a nation, we’ve grown bored of blending our kale with filtered water. We want more! We want flavour!

What if you realised blending fruits and vegetables together doesn’t have to be dull or taste like swamp water? What if we told you there are a wealth of other equally-healthy (well, sort of), but delicious smoothies to try?

Here are our top 10 recipes that you ought to try with that new NutriBullet you got for Christmas.

1. Strawberry cheesecake smoothie


Cheesecake isn’t a food normally associated with the humble, healthy smoothie, but this recipe is so good – with its cream cheese and vanilla sugar – you won’t care one bit.

2. Pineapple coconut smoothie


If you like piiiiiino coladdddd- then you’ll love this pineapple and coconut smoothie recipe made with just five ingredients.

3. Jalapeno green smoothie


A green smoothie with a kick. This recipe won’t be for everyone as it includes the spicy jalapeno, but give it a go if you’re the adventurous sort.

4. Traffic light smoothie


Not only do these look really cool, but this recipe is packed with fruit, so it’s pretty healthy too.

5. Chocolate covered strawberry wine smoothie


Perhaps not a recipe for breakfast, this one… but its inclusion of wine would make it the perfect after-dinner indulgence.

6. Key lime pie green smoothie


Doesn’t this one look absolutely sublime? You agree? Then you should try this recipe.

7. Pink power beet smoothie


This smoothie is probably the most attractive of the lot with its bright, bright pink colour. This recipe with strawberry, banana and beetroot will also make you feel amazing… and if not, at least it will make for a great Instagram photo.

8. Chocolate mint smoothie


Anything that tastes like an Aero chocolate bar is a winner in our book. This mint chocolate smoothie recipe should soothe your chocolate cravings nicely.

9. Avocado peanut butter smoothie


And lastly, a thick milkshake-like avocado, chocolate and peanut butter smoothie recipe. If it contains the glorified avocado, that makes it healthy, right? Right.

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