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Prosecco can improve your sexual desire, cardiovascular health and your memory


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There is nothing like starting the weekend sipping a flute or two of Prosecco, the reasonably-priced yet sophisticated drink.

Now that Christmas is coming up, societies are organising Christmas Balls and you might be invited to some celebrations - but don't feel guilty indulging in some Prosecco, as it turns out that, in moderation, it could be benefitial for your health.

Research from the University of Reading has found out that the polyphenols, plant chemicals from the grapes used in Champagne production, help lower blood pressure and facilitate circulation, which reduces the risk of stroke.

And if this reason wasn't enough, Tran Ky has revealed in The Healing Power of Champagne that the sparkling wine also contains zinc, magnesium, and potassium, which are known for lifting your mood. What else could be needed for a celebration?

Plus, while too much Prosecco might leave you speechless, it also turns out that the bubbly white wine helps to maintain healthy lung tissue, too.

Also, white wines like Prosecco have a higher antioxidant concentration than red wines, according to research by the University of Barcelona. This translates into heightened sexual desire, a lower risk of cancer, healthier skin and a 60% less chance of getting a cold.

Finally (as if all the above hasn't convinced you to pop a cork or two already), what could be more relevant to student life than the fact that Prosecco helps boost your cognitive functions, according to research by the University of Reading?

So, when you are holding your glass of Prosecco during Christmas and celebrations, remember that you are doing it for your cardiovascular and respiratory system, its antioxidant properties and most importantly: to boost your memory for the upcoming year.

All this from just a glass or two a week? Pass the fizz.

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