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Here’s why becoming a Co-op member can help line your pockets

3rd October 2016
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We’re feeling pretty hungry right now (it’s almost lunchtime, fyi) so we’re pretty happy to be bringing you the following food-based news...

A truly exceptional looking bowl of Spanish meatballs, created with humble Co-op ingredients

The important news we’re here to impart is that purveyor of all your gastronomic needs, Co-op, has jumped in on the membership game and will now be offering a bit more bang for the student buck.

I know, it’s pretty exciting. Especially if, like was the case back in our uni days, your nearest on-campus shop happens to BE a Co-op (miss you, LUSU Central.)

Here are just a few ways that Co-op’s new membership can help you out this term:

-          You get 5p for every £1 you spend on Co-op branded products. Essentially, 5% of what you spend will be credited to your Co-op membership account. So spend £10 on pasta and sauce, and you’ll get 50p back – probably almost enough for a garlic baguette to go with it. Dinner = sorted.  

-          It doesn’t just help you, either – 1% of whatever you spend on Co-op products will go back into your community, into whichever cause you choose. Co-op has identified 1,500 local communities to benefit from their funding, each of which has up to three causes that your money will go towards. You can pick which cause you want to support when you sign up. So basically, you’re helping the world as well as your stomach.  

Sounds good to us.

If you’re already a Co-op member, the new scheme will roll over onto your account automatically.

If you need to sign up to become one, you can do so at  

And, just for good measure, here are some other ways Co-op can benefit your dinner game – from brain-boosting to much needed hunger-banishing:  

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You’re hungry now, aren’t ya? We’ll see you at the checkout.

You can get all this great info straight to your fingertips when you use #StudentFeed

Become a Co-op member here or talk to a member of staff in your local store about why joining up is such a good idea.

Co-op also offers 10% off for students with an NUS extra card.

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