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5 weird food crazes exploding in New York


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First there were the ubiquitous rainbow bagels to sweep your Instagram feed. Now, there are so many more new inventive food trends to take over New York.

Amazing museums and shopping aren’t the only reasons to visit the Big Apple – you’ll want to hop on a plane and try these new food trends popping up over the city.

1. Mufgel

Mufgels were created by Scot Rosillo, who runs The Bagel Store in Brooklyn and is the mastermind behind the rainbow bagel.

We’re pretty sure this isn’t the last bagel-related hybrid we’ll see from Rosillo.

2. Red velvet croissants

The ultimate indulgence: a flaky red velvet croissant filled with cream cheese frosting. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. It makes us want to head to the Union Fare Bakery and join the queue immediately.

This creation comes from the mind of chef Thiago Silva, who has also created the cinnamon bun-stuffed doughnut and birthday cake croissant. We thank you, Thiago.

3. Black ice cream

Did you ever want a black sweet treat to match your all black e’erything outfit? Of course you do! Luckily, Morgenstern’s is here to help, turning coconut ash into ice cream as black as night.

The activated charcoal that it’s made from is even thought by some to have detoxifying properties, just adding to the reasons why you should eat more ice cream. Made with coconut flakes, coconut cream and coconut milk with the ash, you can be sure for an uber coconutty taste.

4. Meat popsicles

Springbone Kitchen in the West Village brings in all kinds of health and fitness fanatics, with its menu packed with the likes of zucchini noodles and gluten-free avocado toast. They’re at the forefront of the broth-drinking craze (yep, that’s a thing now). The latest addition to their menu takes it one step further: beef-broth popsicles.

It’s sweetened (all naturally, of course) but we’re not sure how we feel about beef in our ice lollies. We’ll give it a go, but might end up reverting back to lemon…

5. Ramen burger

These burgers can be found at Smorgasburg in Williamstown, and subs the bun of the burger for fried ramen. Created by chef Keizo Shimamoto, who was inspired by his dual heritage: he was born in Tokyo and raised in California.

You can find these fusion burgers at East River State Park on Saturdays and in Prospect Park on Sundays.

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