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Blues Kitchen’s mountainous new pro-Europe burger is the meatiest decision you’ll make until next week

15th June 2016

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Following on from the introduction of an anti-Brexit hotdog (half the size, twice the prize and branded “ze wurst decision ever”) at Herman ze German, one of our other favourite London restaurant chains has got equally political with its new menu offering.

Purveyors of very fine meat in Brixton, Shoreditch and Camden, Blues Kitchen has thrown its (jazz) hat into the ring with its Clash burger – an towering mass of Spanish chorizo, French brie and baby gem lettuce (representing Europe) on one side, paired with English mustard, pickled onions, savaloy and red Leicester on the other.

Here is the creation in all its (unified) glory:


What can we say? It seems that all these ingredients just work really well together.

This being a beef burger of epic proportions, both sides also feature a 4 oz Dry-aged Angus steak patty. There’s also a side of Fren-Chips (a mixture of French fries and chips).

There’s even a hefty dollop of Sauerkraut within, although if you’d prefer your meaty indulgence without the addition of Slovakian fermented cabbage you probably won’t notice is amongst the mountain of meat (we love both Sauerkraut and Slovakia, personally.)

The Clash is Blues Kitchen’s Burger of the Month for June, so you’ll still got a couple of weeks to tackle it before it disappears from the menu.  

After 23rd June, the biggest question you’ll have is whether you dare to dive right in, or bow out and use a fork.

We went straight in, and let us tell you – it was messy, meaty, and very, very worth it.

The Clash Burger is branded as the “delicious simplification of a complicated economic question...  Divided by sea, together in bread. The future of our international relations rests on the unity of these international flavours.”

The message is deep... and as you can see, so is the burger.

All burger chat aside, it’s pretty darn important that you vote next Thursday. If you don’t, well, the EU Referendum probably won’t go the way you want.

Just sayin’.

Tell us your thoughts below.



 The Blues Kitchen restaurants are located at:

Shoreditch: 134 – 146 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AR // 020 7729 7216

Brixton: 40 Acre Lane, London SW2 5SP // 020 7274 0591

Camden: 111 – 113 Camden High Street, London NW1 7JN // 020 7387 5277 

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