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10 different pancakes from around the world


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I love Pancake Day (for me it blows Easter right out of the water) but I am none-the-less guilty of playing it safe. Every year I sit on a Monday night thinking, could I do something different with my pancakes tomorrow? But without fail, I will settle for lemon and sugar.

Well, not this year! This year I have done my research properly, and I will be throwing my very first pancake party with a ‘world’ theme…! Because no, pancakes are not always sweet, in fact, (and this will come as a relief to some of the more rough-and-ready pancake-tossers out there,) they don’t even have to be flat!

1. The Scotch Pancake

So let’s start by keeping it close to home. No prizes for guessing where the scotch pancake originates! These small, light little pancakes are most probably no stranger to you, you can buy them ready made in supermarkets – but only if you’re REALLY lazy. With the basic recipe using no more than four ingredients these little cakes are easy to make and easy to make in large quantities and traditionally finished with lashings of golden syrup. Deliciously moorish.

Recipe here.


2. French Crepe

Moving steadily further afield we arrive in France, with another style of pancake readily available in pre-made form in most British supermarkets. French crepes are a lot more delicate than the scotch pancake and traditionally about five times the size! In France this sweet treat would be served warm with melted chocolate, fresh berries, and a fine dusting of icing sugar – a favourite pick-me-up in mountainous café’s of the Alps during a snowy ski-season. But as a little hint to save you the trouble of melting chocolate yourself - Nutella tastes just as exquis!

Recipe here.

3. Aebleskiver

Now out to Denmark, where we have a pancake quite different to any I’ve ever had before. These Danish desserts are admittedly more like donuts than pancakes: small, doughy and almost hollow at the centre, they might remind you of a sweet Yorkshire pudding served piping hot with sweet syrups or jam.

Recipe here.

4. Nalesniki

Polish pancakes are crepe-like in appearance but come in both sweet and savoury varieties, with sweet fillings traditionally being poached and sweetened fruits like berrie compote or apple, while savoury options include mushrooms or a cheesy-potato filling.

Recipe here. 


5. German Oven Pancake

Something very different from your traditional English pancake is this German ‘oven pancake’. Oven baked in a large dish this sharing pancake is quite the opposite of Danish Aebleskiver, resembling a giant Yorkshire pudding, crispy around the edges and doughy at the centre. This dish is traditionally served as a dessert with sweet syrups.

Recipe here


6. Pickelets

Down under the Aussies have their own take on pancakes. Their pickelets, while very close in taste and appearance to the scotch pancake, tend to be served like British scones with jam and cream for afternoon tea.

Recipe here.

7. Syrniki

For another, more savoury, option try these cheesy fried Russian pancakes. Made with ricotta or cottage cheese these fritters a crisp and light, and can be served savoury or sweet, with sweetened varieties being topped with jam or applesauce as oppose to sour cream and chives.

Recipe here.

8. Japanese Hot Cakes

Now these are something else entirely. About an inch thick, these fluffy hot-cakes are a far more substantial pancake than any of their European cousins. Served as a breakfast dish throughout Japan, these pancakes are served sweet with custard, fresh fruits and a plentiful dollop of whipped cream.

Recipe here.


9. Pannekoeke


A style of crepe originating in South Africa. These pancakes are ever-so-slightly thicker than the French crepe, easily filled with fruit or ice cream. The key twist in this ethnic variety of crepe comes in the subtle hint of spice from the tsp of cinnamon. Definitely worth a taste if you’re looking for something light but warming.


Recipe here.


10. American Buttermilk Pancakes


And of course we couldn’t leave out the hearty American buttermilk pancakes. If you’re looking to go all out this Pancake Day this is most certainly the way to go. Thick and fluffy, light but satisfyingly filling, these traditional American pancakes are best enjoyed swimming in maple syrup alongside a mountain of streaky bacon – because January is over, right?!


Recipe here.



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