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5 foods I miss from home during my year abroad

4th December 2015

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Before starting my year abroad, I had no idea that ten weeks into the experience I would find myself craving foods that I eat a lot back home in the UK. Whilst I love the Italian cuisine - pizza, pasta, calzone, ice cream and pannetone - and even though I know that I could try to cook my favourite dishes from home while I'm here, it just isn't the same.

So here are the foods which I miss the most about good old England. 

1. Cadbury's... Although I can buy Lindt and Milka chocolate here, I do miss a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk, or Cadbury's Caramel. Now it's December, I wish that I'd thought ahead and asked my Mum to send me a Cadbury's advent calendar. 

2. Roast dinners... Roast beef, roast chicken, roast lamb, with roast potatoes and Yorkshire Puddings and gravy. When I return to the UK for Christmas (a week before Christmas Day), I'm 100% certain that Christmas dinner will be the highlight of my 25th December! 

3. Curry... The lack of curry in Italy is devastating. I can't wait to have a curry night when I'm home, whether it's a homemade curry or in an Indian restaurant. Just curry, with rice, and naan bread. 

4. Mince Pies... I love mince pies, especially when my mum or my nan has made them, and I found myself seriously craving mince pies and brandy butter on 1st December. Christmas cannot come soon enough, simply because I can't wait to consume a pile of warm mince pies. 

5. Cake... Fair enough, I can buy cake in Italy. But there's something I miss about baking a cake at home, coupled with the satisfaction of eating it afterwards with a cup of tea - especially Victoria Sponge... 

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