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How you can save money by freezing your food


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Each year, almost 15 million tonnes of perfectly edible food is discarded from our homes.

You might not think much of it when you throw away some overripe bananas or half a block of cheese that’s past its use by date - but over time food waste adds up, and so does your wasted money.

In fact, around the country, food waste is costing households up to a whopping £700 a year. Have you ever considered what you could spend that money on instead?

Thankfully, reducing your food waste is very simple: all it requires is a freezer.

Believe it or not, from vegetables to dairy products, you can actually freeze most of the excess food you don’t eat and use it in another meal, instead of throwing it away.

For example, soups can be kept frozen for two to three months, raw chicken for nine to 12 months, and grated cheese can be frozen for up to three months and used straight from frozen.

For more tips on how to freeze food and reduce waste, see the infographic from here.

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