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Freshers: How to eat like a king during your first term

7th October 2014

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Your fresher’s term is one of the most important of your university life;: you’ll make loads of new friends, dress up in outfits you never thought you’d be seen dead in, and have some of your most memorable nights out - ever.

The key to making sure you’re on top form is to make sure you are eating a decent meal every day.

This may seem like a challenge now your parents aren’t around to cook for you, or if you’ve spent most of your student loan on textbooks, questionable fancy dress costumes and socialising.

But fret not, because Waitrose has put together five easy, and cheap ,recipes so you can eat like a king during your fresher’s term.

All these recipes serve four people, which is handy if you are looking to impress your new housemates. Alternatively,you can always put the leftovers in the fridge/freezer to enjoy later on.

Sticky chicken and rice

£1.52 per serving

This is a flavoursome meal idea to serve when the lads come round and a healthier alternative to a kebab. It’s full of protein and will help to keep you awake into the early hours, which could be useful for those late night study sessions.

Quick veggie korma

96p per serving

If there is a vegetarian in your house why not create this veggie korma?

Not only will your veggie mate love that you are considerate and happy to cater for everyone’s needs but at only 96p per serving, you really can’t go wrong.

This simple and tasty dish takes just 15 minutes to make, but will make you look like Jamie Oliver!

Pronto pasta salad

£1.47 per serving

Similar to something you might find at your local Italian restaurant, this colourful salad contains a nice balance of vitamins from the vegetables, but also some ‘comfort carbs’ from the pasta and garlic bread topping. You can also play around with extra veg (e.g. sweetcorn) depending on what needs using up in the fridge.

At £1.47 per serving it is a fraction of the cost of eating out and provides a lighter meal option.

Pepperoni pizza

£1.93 per serving

Everyone loves a takeaway pizza after a big night out, but at £10-15 a time it is more of a treat than a regular occurrence. However, there are cheaper and healthier options which are just a delicious.

This pepperoni pizza is only £1.93 per serving and takes just 25 minutes to prepare and cook, so it’s also quicker than waiting for the delivery guy!

Spicy meatball pasta bake

£2.36 per serving

Pasta bakes are a sure-fire hit because you can make a large batch in one bigdish (meaning less washing up - win-win!) Keep it in the fridge and re-heat when needed for lunch breaks and dinner times.

Ready in just 20 minutes, this wholesome meatball pasta bake is carb-heavy but will help you to sustain your energy levels through this busy term of partying learning. Don’t forget to serve with some side salad for a more balanced meal.

Finally, don’t forget to take loads of pictures of your homemade meals so you can show off your kitchen skills to your friends and family, the parents will be proud!

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