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The diet that lets you eat 9 cookies every day and still lose weight

11th February 2014

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Stop everything you're doing - there’s a diet that lets you replace your breakfast, lunch and daily snacks with cookies, and apparently it works.

Yes, this is a thing.Maybe the thing, if you're still suffering from the Christmas indulgence and just haven't managed to get off your sofa as much as you really should have done so far in 2014.

Developed by US obesity expert Dr Sanford Siegal, this wonder is the Cookie Diet – and it is even, maybe surprisingly, being endorsed by nutritional experts in the UK.

Obviously, it can’t be as easy as scoffing a packet of Marylands and watching the pounds fall off. The nutritionally controlled cookies that you are allowed are high in amino acids and protein, and contain around 60 calories each.

Just snack on them throughout the day and you’ll feel full right up until the evening – allegedly.

So far the diet has had success in Australia and US (shocker - we heard they hated their cookies over there) and, although occasionally being criticised for only being a short term fix.

Of course, you’ll have to plan your own evening meal alongside all the cookies – and we do recommend that it includes some vegetables, and maybe some meat, lest you turn into the actual Cookie Monster.

Dr Sarah Brewer, a GP and medical nutritionist, is a fan of the cookies. She said: “It's important that people don't hear the phrase Cookie Diet and tuck into mainstream varieties that are laden with sugar, saturated fat and salt.”

She adds: "Devised by an obesity specialist to help his overweight patients slim down, they contain a healthy blend of hunger-satiating amino acids derived from milk, egg white, oatmeal, rice and other grains. These are baked into a range of tasty Cookies which, when eaten little-and-often during the day, keep hunger at bay.  Made using rapeseed oil, they also provide healthy monounsaturated and essential fatty acids. In addition to the nine high-protein cookies, you plan your own nutritious evening meal to include the fruit and veg needed for optimum health. It's not often you hear a doctor recommending cookies, but Dr Siegal's unique recipe offers a new option for people struggling to lose weight."

The cookie diet: it’s real. Find out more at the website.

What do you think – would you try the cookie diet? Or is proper food just too difficult to abandon? Tell us your thoughts.

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