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The 'world's healthiest pizza': better for you than a salad

16th May 2013

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It’s the news that fast food connoisseurs/students all over the country have been waiting for.

A new pizza has just hit the market – and containing all 47 essential nutrients, its developers claim that it is better for you than a salad.

The Eat Balanced Pizza has been created by nutritional expert Professor Mike Lean (yes, the irony of his name didn’t fail us either), and comes in three flavours – Cheese and Tomato, Ham and Pineapple and Spicy Chicken.

So, how does a pizza provide such health benefits?

By using ground seaweed in the base and red pepper in the sauce, it manages to provide all the nutrients we need – in the exact right amounts.

Professor Lean said this week: “This is the only nutritionally-balanced ready meal anywhere.

“Nobody has previously designed a meal which has got everything in the right proportions. I’m pretty proud of it.”

Although the pizzas are nutritionally balanced, Dr Maria Bryant from the UK Association for the Study of Obesity doesn’t recommend eating more than one per day.

“I support the move towards improving existing foods that are very popular but I am not sure that eating two or three pizzas a day would be the best approach,” she says.

The 9-inch Eat Balanced Pizzas are available from Ocado, contain around 600 calories and cost £3.49.

The main question we have is – how does it taste?

Professor Lean is realistic.

“You are not sitting on the seats of Sorrento eating it,” he says. "It is a frozen pizza but it tastes, smells and looks as good as any other frozen pizza.”

We’re intrigued. Will it live up to our favourite Domino’s Texas BBQ Chicken? If you test one out, let us know. 

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